Allison Transmission and Randon play major infrastructure role in Brazil

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Construction of the East Stretch of the Rodoanel, an important municipal project in São Paulo and significant to national infrastructure development, relies heavily on Randon trucks equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions. In fact, Randon trucks with Allison transmissions get the job done at numerous construction sites in Brazil, due in part to participation in a government infrastructure growth acceleration program, Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento (PAC). Many national infrastructure construction projects are being completed using trucks produced by Randon Veículos, most equipped with an Allison 4430ORSR. Both Allison Transmission and Randon pride themselves on taking an active role in Brazil’s infrastructure consolidation. According to Alvonir Anderle, general manager for Randon Veículos, “The advent of large infrastructure projects and new hydroelectric power plants will certainly bring new opportunities to construction equipment manufacturers, including Randon. The RK430M equipped with an Allison 4430ORSR is the perfect choice to achieve fleet demands for reliable trucks. We have a truck extremely appropriate to this market.” With a noteworthy presence in other Latin American countries, as well as the Middle East and Africa, the partnership between Allison and Randon Veículos, a division of the traditional bodybuilder, has been extremely successful.

According to Carlos Augusto Roma, Allison Transmission's National Sales Manager for Brazil, the partnership with Randon is tremendously important for both brands. "Experience has shown that our transmissions are efficient in a wide variety of applications and demonstrate a key characteristic of Allison products: performance. Whatever the situation and circumstance require – whether at a mine or heavy construction site – Allison transmissions provide high vehicle availability, efficiency and profitability. That’s why manufacturers like Randon choose our products.”

After business opportunities were identified in 2005, an association resulted with the configuration of a 4000 Series fully automatic transmission being fitted to Randon trucks. Randon and its clients expected reliability, durability and performance even under the most challenging site conditions. The Allison 4430ORSR transmission, developed specifically for off-road use, delivered – exceeding expectations across the board.

The duty cycle in this application requires operators using manual trucks at the same site to perform up to 600 gear changes during their work day. This means lower productivity and more fatigue, which can affect safety. Unlike manual transmissions, Allison automatics have no power interrupts during shift changes. They make the best use of engine horsepower and torque by delivering more power to the wheels. The results are faster trips, more deliveries per day and increased incremental revenue from the Allison-equipped vehicles in the fleet.

In addition, Allison automatics are known for reliability and durability which means less downtime compared to manual-equipped trucks. The vehicles also experience less maintenance related downtime, since Allison transmissions only require programmed oil and filter changes. Factors like increased operational profitability and reduced maintenance costs have made the Allison-equipped RK 430M even more attractive.

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Allison Transmission is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully-automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, medium- and heavy-tactical U.S. military vehicles and hybrid-propulsion systems for transit buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of applications including on-highway trucks (distribution, refuse, construction, fire and emergency), buses (primarily school and transit), motor homes, off-highway vehicles and equipment (primarily energy and mining) and military vehicles (wheeled and tracked). Founded in 1915, the Allison business is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A. and employs approximately 2,800 people. Allison has manufacturing facilities and customization centers located in China, The Netherlands, Brazil, India and Hungary. With a global presence, serving customers in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa, Allison also has over 1,500 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. More information about Allison is available at

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About Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission (NYSE: ALSN) is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and is a leader in hybrid-propulsion systems for city buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of applications including refuse, construction, fire, distribution, bus, motorhomes, defense and energy. Founded in 1915, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA and employs approximately 2,600 people worldwide. With a market presence in more than 80 countries, Allison has regional headquarters in the Netherlands, China and Brazil with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Hungary and India. Allison also has approximately 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. For more information, visit