Allison Transmission to meet tourism transporters across Turkey

Allison Transmission goes for a roadshow in Turkey to experience the advantages of fully automatic transmissions in tourism transportation with users.

ISTANBUL, Turkey, November 2019 - Tourism transportation, which covers different sub-applications such as passenger transfers and tour operations, is an important area for both transportation and tourism sectors. Allison Transmission, the leader in the field of fully automatic transmissions for bus operations, further develops its assertions in the area of tourism transportation in Turkey by offering durability, safety, comfort benefits and low operating costs. Setting off with 7-meter long Otokar Sultan Comfort equipped with Allison T 2100 xFE™ fully automatic transmission, Allison Transmission met with tourism transporters in Ankara, Cappadocia and Kayseri.

“When we look at the tourism sector in general, transportation comes in second after investments in accommodation,” said Atak Talas, Area Director for Turkey and Middle East at Allison Transmission. “In the field of tourism transportation, safety, low operating costs and especially comfort, become prominent. On the other hand, until recently, there was a tendency among the tourism transport fleets to keep purchasing costs of vehicles before all others. Today, this tendency has changed and, as in Europe, tourism transport fleets have started to consider the total cost of ownership. This drives the demand for fully automatic transmissions.”

Talas emphasized that passenger comfort is maximized with seamless automatic shifts. “In addition, our advanced technologies which support fuel economy and low service and repair costs offer great advantages to users,” he said.

Tourism Transporters Association (TTDER) Board Member Serkan Temizsoy stated that it aims to provide service in Turkey with vehicles at European standards. “Transfer and tour services for local and foreign groups are provided by tourism transporters regardless of distance. The greatest expectations of passengers center around comfort and smooth transportation. Of course, the ease and comfort of our drivers is also important,” said Temizsoy. “Therefore, vehicle manufacturers offer many features as standard in their vehicles to meet all expectations. Fully automatic transmissions, however, are still optional. This is due to the fact that transportation companies still focus on purchasing costs. However, we believe that fully automatic transmissions will become a standard in tourism transportation in the near future.”

Allison Transmission Turkey performs test drives with tourism transporters across Turkey with Otokar Sultan Comfort, equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission. “Otokar Sultan Maxi and Mega models are offered with Allison options,” said Burak Kazar, Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission Turkey. “Users who test our transmissions are highly impressed. When compared to manual and automated manual transmissions, we can say that they lean towards lower operating costs of fully automatic transmissions. Tourism transporters have experienced the benefits of our transmissions in terms of both passenger and driver comfort.”

Thanks to its 107 kW and 632 Nm engine, Sultan Comfort delivers superior performance in all  road conditions. Otokar Sultan, which is environmentally friendly with EURO 6 emission value  and powerful on ramps with 6-speed gear system, takes all these features to the next level with  a fully automatic transmission. In addition, this transmission uses a torque converter instead of a  mechanical clutch system, which reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Dec 06, 2019


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