Sydney Horse Transport selects Allison Transmission to give precious racehorses a smoother ride to the track

Sydney Horse Transport, one of Australia’s leading racehorse transport specialists, has chosen Allison automatic transmissions for 12 of its Isuzu F-Series horse transporters. They are converting their entire fleet to automatics because of the smoother ride and better comfort they deliver for the precious racehorses they have on board.

SYDNEY, July 31, 2020 – Sydney Horse Transport (SHT) moves some of the best and most valuable race horses around Australia, and is tasked with ensuring they arrive at their destinations in good condition and in an unstressed state. To achieve this the company specifically selected Allison automatic transmissions for its latest Isuzu trucks.

“The Allison Automatics deliver the smoothest ride and the best comfort for the horses, particularly in city traffic, to ensure we deliver them safe and sound, but also without stress and anxiety,” said Maley. “The automatics are better both in and out of traffic, with less jerkiness and a smoother overall performance, which is nicer for the horses because they can become anxious when the ride is jerky or jolting them during transport.

Sydney Horse Transport (SHT) specialises in transporting horses across the country on a daily basis to and from spelling paddocks, stables, race meetings and barrier trials. The specialist race horse transport company purchased its first Isuzu’s equipped with Allison automatic transmissions just over a year ago and now has 12 Allison-equipped Isuzus. The rest of the fleet is scheduled to be upgraded to all new rigid medicum-duty trucks with Allison Automatics in the coming months.

“The automatics are better vehicles to drive and our drivers love them because they can concentrate on ensuring the journey is easier and more comfortable for the horses, which is really important because the trainers want the horses arriving at the track relaxed and ready to race,” said Maley.“Although in the past we have always had manual trucks, our experience with the Allison Automatics means that all new trucks we add to the fleet will be specified with Allison Automatics.”

Sydney Horse Transport‘s dedication to the service it provides is paramount and the delivery of that service, as well as the reliability it’s become renown for, has resulted in it becoming trusted by the leading race horse trainers in Australia. It also led to SHT becoming the only horse transport company trusted to move champion sprinter, Winx, during its world-record-breaking run of 36 consecutive major race wins.

All of the Allison-equipped SHT Isuzu’s are rigid models, with either the FRR of the FXD models. The trucks are fitted with specialised horse-carrying bodies, a six-horse loading bodies on the FRRs and nine-horse side-loading bodies on the larger FXDs. The FRRs are rated at 191 kW with 761Nm of torque and are mated to the Allison 2500 SeriesTM six-speed fully automatic transmission. The FXD is rated at 257 kW with 1,422 Nm of torque and are mated to& the Allison 4430 SeriesTM six-speed automatic. All of the trucks are also equipped with airbag rear suspension and other features necessary to keep the horses comfortable and safe.

“The Allison transmissions have proven to be the right choice and our drivers tell me they work very well in-and-out of traffic, particularly in slow speed manoeuvring and also on the highway at cruising speed. eliability is an absolute essential when delivering precious horses fresh to race tracks and is something that cannot be compromised. When we have to have a horse or a number of race horses at a race track for a race meeting then we just can’t afford for the truck to let us down,” said Malay.I had absolute confidence in the Allison transmissions because they have a proven track record in so many heavy applications from concrete agitators to waste removal, where they have to work hard all day, so I knew they would provide the reliability we needed.”

Sydney Horse Transport started as a two-truck operation almost 20 years ago in the regional city of Coffs Harbour, on the north coast of New South Wales by owner Adam Maley. It has since expanded within NSW and into other regions and states, such as Victoria and Queensland. 

Aug 03, 2020


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