Coca-Cola Beverage Company Purchases 70 Units of Hyundai Mighty Equipped with Allison’s Fully Automatic Transmission

Coca-Cola Beverage Company operates Hyundai Mighty trucks at 28 logistics centers across the country.

SEOUL, South Korea, July 2021 – The Coca-Cola Beverage Company purchased 70 units of the Hyundai Mighty 3.5-ton truck equipped with Allison Transmission’s 1000 xFE™ fully automatic transmission in August last year and has been operating satisfactorily ever since.

"There are many sales people who operate vehicles at Coca-Cola Beverage Company Logistics Center, but generally they are not familiar with driving manual vehicles. Last year, amid the high demand for vehicles equipped with fully automatic transmissions, the company purchased 70 units of Hyundai Mighty equipped with Allison Transmission’s fully automatic transmission," said Gwan-yong Kim, Manager of Refreshing and Logistics of Coca-Cola Beverage Company.

Over the past few years, Coca-Cola Beverage Company has been requesting vehicle manufacturers to launch vehicles equipped with fully automatic transmissions in response to increased demand from their new employees. Therefore, the company decided to purchase Hyundai Mighty trucks equipped with Allison Automatics when they launched in 2020.

"We purchased one prototype in May last year and ran the test in various cities for about a month from May 26 to June 26. The truck operated not only in downtown areas such as Gangnam, Seoul, but also in island regions such as Nampo-dong, Busan," said Kim. "As a result of the test drives, the automatic transmission received good reviews in performance and riding quality, and we completed the introduction of all 70 vehicles around September last year.”

"Employees' evaluation on the Hyundai Mighty that is equipped with Allison's fully automatic transmission was excellent. There has been a feedback that while manual vehicles often roll back on the hillside, vehicles equipped with fully automatic transmissions operate reliably on the hillside. There has also been an evaluation that Hyundai Mighty provides a smoother ride with the fully automatic transmission," said Kim. "In particular, long-distance operators' evaluations were positive. There was a lot of feedback that the vehicle was comfortable to drive in without hurting their backs. Veteran drivers who have been driving for a long time also preferred vehicles equipped with fully automatic transmission. The Coca-Cola Beverage Company plans to purchase more units of the Hyundai Mighty."

Unlike manual vehicles, Hyundai Mighty does not require its consumables such as brake drums, pads, linings, and clutches to be replaced, so its maintenance costs are much lower. In addition, since the transmission fluid only needs to be replaced periodically, fuel efficiency is good and maintenance costs are low. The industry estimates that although the option price is around KRW 3 million when purchasing a vehicle equipped with a fully automatic transmission, there’s a gain when considering the relatively low maintenance costs for a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

"Allison Transmission will provide reliable services to ensure that the fully automatic transmission in Hyundai Mighty vehicles operated by the Coca-Cola Beverage Company perform at their best," said Kyoungmee Lee, Regional Director of Allison Transmission Korea. "As various industries such as retail, construction and electronics seek Hyundai Mighty, we believe that the vehicle has a high growth potential in the light and medium-sized truck segment.”

Hyundai Motor Company has been collaborating with Allison Transmission to mass-produce Hyundai Mighty trucks exclusively equipped with automatic transmissions since June 2020.

Jul 13, 2021


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