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Allison showcases innovative propulsion solutions for military applications at exposition

Sep 16, 2019

At Modern Day Marine 2019, Allison representatives will discuss the company’s current and upcoming automatic transmissions for tracked and wheeled military applications. Full Story

Allison Strengthens Sydney Steel Company’s Commitment to Automatic Trucks

Sep 10, 2019

Marko Steel has chosen an Allison automatic-equipped Isuzu truck to make it easier to deliver heavy steel structures, especially to hilly seaside suburbs. Full Story

Rolling intensive care unit with Allison fully automatic transmission: Gentle transport even for the “heaviest” cases

Sep 10, 2019

The demands on rescue services are changing as more and more intensive care patients and overweight people need to be transported and receive care. The Bavarian Red Cross has now acquired new, specially designed intensive care vehicles based on the Iveco EuroCargo chassis and equipped with Allison Transmission’s 3000 SeriesTM fully automatic transmissions. The Allison transmission smoothly multiplies engine torque during vehicle start-up and delivers uninterrupted, continuous power shifts. Full Story

Allison Acquires Walker Die Casting

Sep 09, 2019

Walker is a longtime supplier of aluminum transmission castings critical in the production of Allison’s products. Full Story