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Stuttgart airport operates Germany’s first Magirus Superdragon X8 with two Allison transmissions

Nov 16, 2016

Stuttgart airport has been operating Germany’s first Magirus Superdragon X8 since July. The 52-ton vehicle, with 8x8 powertrain and four-axle Iveco IM52X8 chassis, is equipped with a twin power pack using Iveco Cursor engines and Allison 4500R fully automatic transmissions. Full Story

Allison Transmission more than doubles its service network in Japan

Nov 09, 2016

Allison Transmission recently announced it will expand its authorized service network in Japan from eight to 19 service locations by the end of 2016. Full Story

A transmissão Allison com extraeconomia de combustível será apresentada no novo ônibus Optare Metrocity xFE em exposição na Euro Bus Expo 2016

Nov 02, 2016

Testes independentes atestaram que o Metrocity xFE melhora em 8% a economia de combustível BIRMINGHAM, RU – A Allison Transmission, maior fabricante de transmissões totalmente automáticas para veículos comerciais do mundo, trará as suas mais novas transmissões xFE e Torqmatic® para o Reino Unido pela primeira vez na Euro Bus Expo 2016 (de 1 a 3 de novembro; NEC, Birmingham; estande C70). Na mesma ocasião a fabricante de ônibus britânica Optare apresentará o modelo médio Metrocity xFE no seu estande (A50) para o setor logo após um bem-sucedido teste da versão Euro 6 equipada com a transmissão Allison xFE que possui o pacote de funções FuelSense® Max. Full Story

Allison Transmission to equip new Scania Power Pack for oil and gas industry in South America

Nov 02, 2016

Scania Argentina has chosen the fully automatic Allison 4700 OFS (Oil Field Series) transmission for its new Power Pack for the energy market in South America. Full Story

Allison Automatics demonstrate their advantages in snowy, difficult terrain

Oct 31, 2016

To demonstrate the superior performance of its fully automatic transmissions in difficult conditions and terrain, Allison Transmission hosted a test driving event at The Transportation Science Research Institute in Shibetsu, Hokkaido earlier this year. Full Story

Allison’s extra fuel-saving transmission is presented in new Optare Metrocity xFE at Euro Bus Expo 2016

Oct 24, 2016

Allison will bring its latest xFE and Torqmatic® transmissions to the UK for the first time when it exhibits at the Euro Bus Expo 2016. Full Story

VanDyne SuperTurbo and Allison Transmission to Co-Develop a Vehicle Demonstrator

Oct 18, 2016

VanDyne SuperTurbo Inc. and Allison Transmission Inc. have announced a collaboration to co-develop a vehicle demonstrator. Full Story

Allison Transmission hires John Coll as senior vice president of global marketing, sales and service

Sep 30, 2016

Coll brings more than three decades of sales and marketing expertise, with significant executive and senior-level leadership experience at a number of leading industrial and commercial vehicle companies. Full Story

Allison-equipped Van Hool Altano TX coach: the length of Italy in absolute comfort

Sep 23, 2016

The journey is long from the south of Italy to the north. For comfort, fuel efficiency and ease of driving, IAS Touring in Rossano (Cosenza, Italy) chose the new Van Hool TX Altano equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission. Full Story

Gusu district, Suzhou, improves sprinkler truck efficiency with Allison transmissions

Sep 23, 2016

To improve its efficiency on urban roads, the Environmental Sanitation Mechanization Institute of Gusu district, Suzhou, began using a sprinkler truck equipped with a fully automatic Allison transmission earlier this year. Full Story

üstra expanding its Hannover fleet with 10 additional hybrid buses equipped with the Allison H 50 EP

Sep 21, 2016

After eight years and more than 5 million kilometers, üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG is growing its fleet of buses equipped with the Allison H 50 EP hybrid system. Full Story

Public transportation in Eskişehir becomes more comfortable with Allison transmissions

Sep 21, 2016

As part of an ongoing plan to ensure their bus fleet offers the most comfortable ride, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality decided to equip their 20 new ISUZU Citibus vehicles with fully automatic Allison transmissions. Full Story

Allison transmission enables DP Åkeri to be more productive with a smaller engine

Sep 21, 2016

When DP Åkeri recently invested in a new Scania G 490 8x4 off-road truck, the company chose a smaller engine with a fully automatic Allison 4000 Series™ transmission to maximize productivity. Full Story

Extra heavy-duty trucks featuring Allison transmissions expand Megatranz fleet

Sep 07, 2016

A market leader in transporting large and extra heavy-duty parts and equipment, Megatranz Transportes has added two Allison transmission-equipped Kenworth C500 trucks to its fleet. Full Story

Allison selected by ReTech to provide transmissions for a growing variety of specialty vehicles

Aug 30, 2016

Allison Transmission has been selected by ReTech, a leading Korean road equipment manufacturer, to expand the number of fully automatic transmissions it supplies for the company’s specialty vehicles. Full Story

Автоматическая коробка передач Allison с пакетом опций FuelSense позволяет сократить расход топлива автобуса НефАЗ до 11 %

Aug 28, 2016

Full Story

Attendees of IAA 2016 can accelerate their knowledge of automatic transmissions with Allison

Aug 26, 2016

Attendees of IAA 2016 can learn about the many benefits of Allison transmissions at the company’s two-story booth (FG P90, FG P86), Sept. 22-29. Full Story

New Allison-equipped mixer truck to be featured at Concrete Show

Aug 23, 2016

The new Allison transmission-equipped VW Constellation 26.280 6x4 concrete mixer truck will be featured at three booths during Concrete Show South America, Aug. 24-26 at the Exhibition Center Sao Paulo Expo. Full Story

Rio wins trash hauling with Comlurb and Allison-equipped trucks

Aug 15, 2016

Athletes and spectators aren’t seeing trash pile up at the venues where they are competing and cheering. Comlurb, Rio’s sanitation company, is using trucks equipped with Allison transmissions to efficiently collect, compact and haul away garbage. Full Story

Allison Transmission celebrates 60 years of Down Under dependability

Aug 08, 2016

After more than 60 years of operating Down Under, Allison Transmission has built an enviable reputation for supplying and supporting fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles in a wide range of applications and conditions. Full Story