Agrale launches MA15 city bus with an Allison automatic transmission


The Agrale MA15 launch took place as part of a customer relationship event organised in four key cities outside Buenos Aires.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Agrale, Megacar and Allison Transmission , Agrale and Megacar officially presented the Agrale MA15 city bus, equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission, at a launch which took place in four key cities just outside Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Equipped with an Allison T270 transmission, the Agrale MA15 is targeted toward fleets desiring locally-produced vehicles, which are both durable and reliable. In particular, these fleets seek transmissions offering technological advances that optimize the vehicle’s maneuverability, passenger safety, uptime, fuel consumption and productivity.

The durability and reliability of an Allison transmission has a proven track record in the Argentine passenger transport industry. However, there is no substitute for experiencing the performance of this automatic transmission in person.  Known as the “Reliability Experiment,” these events in Córdoba, Tucumán, Neuquén and Mendoza included a series of test drives designed for participants to experience the maneuverability, comfort and safety of the MA15 Agrale first-hand.

Roberto Larossa, Regional Manager of Allison Transmission Argentina, said, “The events have been a great success in terms of the number of participants attending and taking part in the test drives.” He pointed out that no one wanted to miss the opportunity to drive a low floor, front engine, Allison equipped passenger bus.

Juan Carlos Compostela, Sales and Marketing Manager at Megacar S.A, said, “Throughout the presentations in each of the four cities, we have seen great support from our customers with attendance from companies representing diverse sectors.”  He added, “We found that the new Agrale MA15 front engine chassis with an Allison automatic was extremely well-received on many levels including cost, service and support.”

Compostela was especially complementary regarding the event organization and the professional communication of concepts. “In every event there was a series of important presentations conducted by Roberto Larossa from Allison and Ignacio Armendariz from Agrale. Both also took part in test driving the vehicles alongside participants, answering questions regarding products as well as company history.” According to Juan Carlos Compostela, “It was an extremely useful and positive event for Megacar SA, both from a sales and corporate perspective.” 

Not only are Allison transmissions known for their efficiency and productivity, the automatic transmission contributes to a smoother flow of traffic.  The vehicles equipped with an Allison automatic can accelerate and stop much more quickly and precisely, a key advantage in traffic-heavy cities. This results in less effort for drivers by providing quieter, more comfortable operation and by reducing stress levels absent the need to constantly shift gears. Improved passenger safety and comfort are also benefits.

Mar 28, 2012

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