Allison Transmission and Renault Trucks join for waste collection in Nerja (Malaga)

The Municipal Cleaning Service of Nerja in Malaga now operates a brand new refuse collection vehicle, fitted with an Allison fully automatic transmission. This is the first Renault Premium 380 equipped with an Allison 4000 Series sold in Spain.

Madrid, SPAIN Nerja municipality aims to improve its solid waste collection service by introducing new, more efficient equipment. Last September, as part of the refuse fleet renewal plan, the Nerja Town Hall acquired a Renault Trucks refuse collection truck fitted with an Allison fully automatic transmission.

This rear-loader compactor, with bodywork by Lerida-based Ros Roca, was chosen following a call for tender. In order to address the specific requirements of the Nerja Town Council, Renault Trucks proposed the Renault Premium 380, a vehicle featuring a 380 hp, high torque engine, an Allison 4000 Series fully automatic transmission and a rear steering axle. This combination makes the Renault model particularly suitable for refuse collection applications requiring superior vehicle performance, whether due to high waste volume or because of hilly terrain, as is the case in Nerja.

The vehicle has a 23 cubic meter capacity, but more importantly, it is equipped with modern safety options. A rear camera and photoelectric cell automatically detect if an operator has invaded the compactor’s danger zone. When this happens, the advanced safety system controls the compacting equipment, inhibiting the crushing motion to avoid worker accidents and injuries.

A very satisfactory experience with Allison

Having worked with the vehicle for six months, Directors at the municipal cleaning service have only positive comments regarding the benefits and overall performance of the Allison  transmission. During the peak summer season, when tourists arrive and the population swells significantly, the vehicle operates continuously for up to seven hours daily, every day of the week. With over 875 hours of service and 11,000 km covered, the new vehicle has already demonstrated great efficiency and productivity.

Blas Sánchez Castillo, Manager of the municipal workshop said, “A few years ago, we tested the first Allison fully automatic transmission, and we really liked its handling and smooth, easy driving. However, the main reason for choosing a fully automatic transmission with torque converter was to eliminate cost and downtime due to clutch wear and tear associated with manual gearboxes.”

Prior to the arrival of the Renault Premium 380, the cleaning fleet was comprised of six vehicles, all fitted with manual gearboxes. This fleet included four refuse collection trucks and two street cleaners, supplemented by auxiliary construction and road maintenance vehicles. Service and workshop managers, as well as the drivers themselves, are extremely pleased, because the difference an Allison fully automatic transmission makes is enormous.

According to Rafael Ceretto, Director of the Cleaning Service, “We are extremely satisfied with the vehicle fitted with an Allison transmission. We have not had a single problem and it offers greater productivity and performance, as well as important time savings. It starts very well on hills and ramps. Everybody wants to drive it.”

Manager Castillo is well aware of all these advantages and emphasizes, “From now on, manual gearboxes will not be admitted to this service.”

Apr 17, 2012

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