First Irisbus Iveco GX127 in Italy equipped with an Allison fully-automatic transmission

Li-nea, the public transportation operator in Florence, is already transporting passengers with Italy’s first Irisbus Iveco GX127 bus. Completely satisfied with the Allison-equipped version, two more have just been delivered.

Torino, Italy – The Irisbus Iveco GX127 city bus was launched in the Italian market in March 2011. The 9.45 m bus is available with an Allison T280R fully-automatic transmission and a 264 hp TECTOR diesel engine. The GX127’s first customer in Italy was Li-nea, which, in association with Ataf, is responsible for Florence’s public transportation. Not only did the company provide a market test bed for the GX127, it specified an Allison transmission for the first time in the fleet's history. By the end of October, the first bus had run 67,000km under a very intensive duty cycle. Pleased with outstanding performance, two new Allison-equipped GX127s were ordered and recently arrived.

The first GX127 was assigned to Route 27, which enters the town of Scandicci, on the outskirts of Florence. This route connects the Torregalli Hospital to Route 1 – the new Florence Tramway line. This is a city route with stops every 300 to 400 meters, along narrow car-lined streets, as is typical in Europe. For conditions where size and maneuverability are paramount, the Allison transmission and the GX127 are a perfect match. Thanks to the transmission’s adaptive controls, shifts are smooth and almost imperceptible to passengers. Furthermore, the output retarder in the transmission allows smooth progressive stopping. The seamless transition between the retarder and service brakes ensures greater control, easier maintenance and longer intervals between oil and filter changes.

“Allison fully-automatic transmissions have been a very nice discovery,” says Cappellini, one of Li-nea’s 208 bus drivers. “The vehicle is very easy to drive and has a seamless, fluid acceleration. Traveling is more comfortable for passengers as gear changes are very smooth. Moreover, these automatic transmissions are very quiet, and at the end of the day, we are much less fatigued.”

The Irisbus Iveco GX127 has two double doors and at 9.45m long and 2.33m wide, allows stunning maneuverability perfectly suited for hilly roads and the narrow streets of city centres. The engine is a 264 hp, 6-cylinder Tector F4A diesel EEV, boasting emission levels better than the current legislative requirements and featuring an anti-particulate filter.

The automatic transmission is a 6-speed T280R with integral retarder from Allison's Torqmatic® Series.

Roberto Saccardi, Head of Technical Resources at Li-nea, said, “We chose this bus with great care. The size looked ideal for use on both urban streets and in the city’s outskirts, where you need good transport capacity matched with compact vehicle size. Our fleet has an average life-cycle of about 10 years, so when a new bus arrives we really take advantage of it! That’s what happened to the new GX127. Also, with regard to fuel consumption, our impression of the EEV midi bus with an anti-particulate filter is absolutely positive.” As Saccardi underlines, the engine “breathes” better and fuel consumption is more efficient thanks to the optimized set-up of the Allison transmission.  

Li-Nea operates 125 buses in total – including several Iveco Cityclass buses with natural gas and CNG – which are dedicated to both public urban transport and rental services.

Feb 08, 2013

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