İZULAŞ fleet continues to grow with Allison transmission equipped DORUK buses

Twenty Otokar Doruk LE city buses are delivered to Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city; order reflects Turkish OEM’s positive experience since 2009 with Allison Torqmatic® Series.

Otokar, a leader in the Turkish bus market, has adopted Allison automatic transmissions into its wide range of buses. The cooperation between the two manufacturers has expanded, and the delivery of 20 Doruk LE buses to the İZULAŞ fleet, the bus service operator for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is the latest shared success in the local market.

Doruk LE buses offer effective solutions to the demanding Turkish public transportation system through their maneuverability, reduced turning radius and 9 meter length. Indeed, large buses would neither be economically viable nor suitable for the congested traffic in the narrow roads of some Izmir city districts. Thus, İZULAŞ aims to optimise its service efficiency using these Otokar midi buses in combination with Allison fully automatic transmissions.

The Allison T280R transmission, used in the Doruk LE, is designed as an ideal solution for buses and coaches up to 24,000 kg gross weight and engines rated up to 194 kW (260 hp). The Allison model features six forward gears, patented torque converter technology with integral torsional damper and advanced adaptive electronic controls for reduced maintenance and low engine speed operation. Helical gears ensure quiet operation, and the optional retarder, fully integrated with the vehicle brake system, safely and effectively prolongs brakes life.

The T280R, part of Allison Torqmatic® Series range, is also designed to optimise fuel consumption and simplify maintenance.

Each Otokar Doruk city bus running in Izmir includes Allison RELS (Reduced Engine Load at Stop) and Automatic Neutral features. These technologies offer significant fuel savings at idle, reducing consumption every time the vehicles approach a bus stop or when stopped in congested traffic.

While stating that Otokar vehicles have been the most preferred buses in Turkey during the last two years, Basri Akgül, Otokar Deputy General Manager, says: "It makes us proud that our products are the preferred vehicles for new public transportation systems in such modern and contemporary cities like Izmir. In order to offer the best solution for İZULAŞ, we chose the Allison Torqmatic® T280R. Allison’s fully automatic transmissions make the vehicles in Izmir more affordable, durable and effective. Our buses, through their environmentally-friendly engines, will contribute to a greener environment in the city of Izmir and will be appreciated because of their low cost of operation."

Apr 25, 2012

About Allison Transmission

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