Nord Engineering and Allison bring waste collection to a new level in Turkey.

Nord Engineering develops a new waste collection system, preferring Allison fully-automatic transmissions to deliver significant operational advantages in fuel economy and efficiency.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – With quickly growing urban populations, Turkish cities look for functional solutions to make waste collection operations easier, more efficient and citizen-friendly. Aligning with this need, Nord Engineering, an Italian-based company, offers worldwide municipalities and private companies innovative waste collection systems and container cleaning equipment. In order to ensure operational efficiency, Nord Engineering prefers its “Easy” system refuse trucks be equipped with Allison fully-automatic transmissions.

Roberto Messi, General Manager at Nord Engineering in Turkey and the person responsible for implementation of the new Easy system, said, “Allison Transmission offers us significant advantages for our waste compacting strategy. The compactor operates while the vehicle moves, delivering increased fuel economy and time savings. Since there is no need for manual shifting, Allison-equipped vehicles enable the driver to perform waste collection duties more efficiently.”

Easy waste collection systems include bilateral, automatic and single-operator equipment capable of collecting surface and underground street containers, along with washing equipment for cleaning and disinfecting. The system consists of containers designed to collect universal and industrial waste, providing high volume capacity and low environmental impact. The underground waste containers are an advanced solution, able to perfectly integrate into any urban setting, reducing unpleasant odors and noise. The new “Easy City” containers are a surface solution, featuring an innovative modular concept with a capacity of up to 3750 liters.

The Easy system includes special lifting equipment fitted with a hooking device, which allows both surface and underground containers positioned on either side of the street to be handled by a single operator from inside the vehicle cabin. This means waste collection is much faster, easier and quieter in comparison to traditional methods, especially when the refuse vehicle is equipped with an Allison.

Allison transmissions feature Continuous Power Technology™, ensuring uninterrupted power shifts and engine torque multiplication at vehicle launch for higher productivity. In addition to being easier to operate, the torque converter allows for precise maneuvering and inching while protecting the entire vehicle driveline from stress. With Allison transmissions, drivers can more easily focus on the job and keep both hands on the steering wheel for safer operation and faster collection at each pickup point. The transmission offers two power take-off (PTO) provisions and an optional integral retarder to complement vehicle braking, increasing safety and reducing wear.

Allison fully-automatic transmissions also feature advanced electronic controls which deliver optimal fuel efficiency and custom electrical input/output packages, facilitating integration with vehicle equipment. The auto-neutral feature, which prompts the transmission to shift to neutral during standstill or when the vehicle is lifting containers, is especially effective in reducing fuel consumption. Once the driver has released the brake, the transmission immediately shifts back into drive.

Nord Engineering found that refuse collection vehicles equipped with Allison fully-automatic transmissions complete routes more quickly than those equipped with manual or automated manual transmissions.

The Easy waste collection system is used in the Kadıköy, Kartal, Maltepe, Atasehir, Sancaktepe, Tuzla, Besiktas, Sisli, Sarıyer, Fatih, Esenler, K.Cekmece and Avcılar districts in Istanbul and the Ankara Cankaya, Izmir Karsıyaka, Sanlıurfa and Gaziantep Sehitkamil municipalities. It is also employed widely in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland and is spreading rapidly in South America, the UAE, Qatar, Romania and Russia.

Messi emphasized that Nord Engineering’s system was designed to ensure the highest quality of waste collection with the most hygienic standards. “Our underground containers and the automatic waste collection system we developed have a special place in this sector. Along with Allison, we not only offer our customers a superior product, but also increased savings. I expect our collaboration with Allison Transmission will continue long into the future.”

11 Dec, 2013


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