Hino gives Australian fire fighters and outback workers a safer and easier to drive with an Allison Automatic

 Hino aims to make the lives of Australia’s bushfire fighters safer and more comfortable by launching a new version of its 4x4 500 Series GT model, with Allison fully automatic transmission now fitted as standard equipment. 

SYDNEY, August, 2020 – Hino’s newly revised GT 1528 will now be available with the Allison 2500 SeriesTM six-speed full automatic transmission as standard equipment. Along with an increase in power, torque and payload, the automatic transmission makes it a safer vehicle in difficult and challenging off-road conditions. 

After a summer of horrendous bushfire conditions across Australia, a new focus on the safety and well-being of bushfire fighters has been adopted by fire authorities around the country. Hino’s revised GT 1528 will deliver a safer and more dependable vehicle in emergency situations. 

Hino Australia’s Product Strategy Manager, Daniel Petrovski says that specifying the Allison automatic as standard answers a demand from customers for trucks that are easier to drive in difficult off road conditions—particularly fire authorities. 

“Given the challenging conditions in which the GT 4x4 operates, the Allison Automatic allows the driver to concentrate on safely traversing the terrain without the need to change gears. Earlier this year, Australia was devastated by natural disasters, that saw emergency services across the country utilising their current, trusted and well-proven Hino 500 Series GTs in some of the toughest off-road conditions,” said Mr. Petrovski. “The Allison automatic not only allows the driver to focus on the terrain, but also delivers better tractability in low traction situations with its torque converter delivering better drive on loose or slippery surfaces. This helps to ensure trucks do not get stuck in dangerous conditions, such as on a fire front.” 

The Hino GT500 had its power increased from 215 hp to 280 hp and its torque is up 39 percent from 637Nm to 824Nm due to an upgrade to the Hino eight litre J08 turbocharged six-cylinder turbo diesel. The Gross Vehicle Mass of the new 500 Series GT 1528 has also increased from 13 tonne to 14.5 tonne courtesy of an upgraded 5.5-tonne front axle and a 10-tonne rear axle. 

“The combination of the Allison automatic along with more power, torque and payload for the 500 Series GT 1528 will provide our customers with even better performance and usability in conditions when they need it most,” said Petrovski. 

Hino said the new truck will have an increased appeal to fire authorities, but also to a broad range of customers including agricultural, infrastructure support and a multitude of mining industry applications. Page 2 of 2 

After announcing the new GT model in August last year, Hino has been approached by a number of emergency service organisations, and is currently preparing a number of trial vehicles for these organisations. 

11 Aug, 2020


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