ESHOT again chooses Allison-equipped city buses

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate benefits from Allison fully automatic transmission in Otokar Sultan City buses serving on inner-city routes due to driver and passenger comfort and maneuverability on narrow roads.

IZMIR, Turkey – General Directorate of Electric, Water, Air Gas, Bus and Trolleybus (ESHOT) has taken delivery of 10 Otokar Sultan City buses equipped with Allison T 2100™ fully automatic transmissions which will lower operating costs and greater passenger and driver comfort.

ESHOT, an affiliate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, received 25 Allison-equipped, 7-meter Otokar Sultan City buses in 2018, which was the first 7-meter midibus purchase with fully automatic transmissions in Turkey. ESHOT prefers Allison-equipped 7-meter midibuses for transportation between the districts of Izmir and has more than 1,500 buses in its inner-city public transportation fleet. ESHOT has been using fully automatic transmissions since 1992.

Behind the wheel of an Allison-equipped bus, drivers are in tune with the vehicle and the road as there is no need for gear shifting, leading to increased control and safety. ESHOT officials said the Allison T 2100 is an ideal match for Otokar Sultan midibuses making it easier to travel on narrow roads and to serve the needs of passengers with disabilities.

“A bus suitable for our narrow roads equipped with a fully automatic transmission was among our priority demands. We think that Allison fully automatic transmissions are mandatory due to both driver and passenger comfort and maneuverability on such challenging routes,” ESHOT said in a statement.

Designed for city buses with engines up to 172 kW (230hp), the Allison T 2100 transmission also offers improved fuel economy. Allison's FuelSense® 2.0 Max package with 5th Generation electronic controls includes Neutral at Stop and Acceleration Rate Management features. DynActive™ Shifting uses an algorithm to choose the most efficient shift point, based on vehicle and environmental parameters.

Allison’s torque converter smoothly multiplies engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels, without concussion to the powertrain. Allison Automatics perform better than manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs), which lose power and torque every time they shift, resulting in inefficient operation and less ground travelled.

In addition, Allison fully automatic transmissions do not require the costly and time-consuming clutch repair and replacement needed for manual transmissions or AMTs. Only periodic oil and filter changes are necessary with Allison Automatics, which leads to a much more efficient operational life.

Uninterrupted service is important to ESHOT, which carries more than one million passengers per day in Izmir, with each bus travelling an average of 250 km per day. According to ESHOT Page 2 of 4 Press Release officials, “While we are providing the most comfortable service for our passengers in busy and stop-and-go public transportation service, we have to provide an uninterrupted service while also considering the operating expenses. In this direction, we focus on solutions with higher performance and efficiency, instead of vehicles that leave the service line due to frequent maintenance requirements resulting in time and cost losses. In this sense, Allison fully automatic transmissions meet all our needs with less need for maintenance.”

ESHOT continues to operate 30 Isuzu Citibus units equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions that entered into service in 2013, with high performance and without problems.

24 Aug, 2020


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