Allison ReTran®

Not Just Rebuilt. Reborn.

What makes an Allison™ ReTran® remanufactured transmission different from other rebuilds is the same thing that makes an original Allison fully automatic transmission unique. It starts with our relentless commitment to quality and plays out in our ability to bring that transmission back to life using exclusively genuine Allison parts and our original factory specs. Nobody gets you closer to brand new. And nobody knows an Allison, like Allison.

Our never-ending commitment to quality and innovation has driven the development of Allison as the leading producer of fully automatic transmissions. Since the beginning, our founder James A. Allison stated that quality was first and foremost. We have not forgotten why people rely on Allison, and that same philosophy is reborn with every ReTran®.

What’s Inside a ReTran®?

Every genuine Allison ReTran® transmission is remanufactured from the ground up at the Allison Transmission remanufacturing facility. Here, transmissions are disassembled part-by-part to clean, qualify and test each component to screen for the possibility of reuse. New components needed for a ReTran® are always brand new, exclusively genuine Allison parts. Quality inside means you get a more reliable, dependable remanufactured transmission. It’s a promise you’ll only get with an authentic Allison ReTran®.

What’s Inside Others?

Who knows? After all, what’s inside a transmission is not readily visible from the outside. If you’re not specifying a ReTran®, you can’t really know what’s inside the transmission. It could be anything, from inferior parts to substandard machining to inadequate testing, and it all could be built into an imposter’s remanufactured transmission. Substandard efforts can put people, payloads and performance at risk, and short-term savings aren’t savings when they turn into long-term headaches.

Bringing it All Together

Allison Transmission® guarantees that every part and every process associated with an Allison ReTran® is 100% authentic.

Only Allison ReTran® remanufactured transmissions undergo our proprietary dynamometer testing to ensure they exactly meet the original factory specs. No other rebuilder has access to our Allison factory specs, process, or know-how. Every Allison ReTran® is inspected for quality at each stage of the remanufacturing process, then measured against stringent wear-limit specs. The Allison ReTran® checklist provides an overview of our proprietary work.

The Allison ReTran Difference

Don’t Take a Chance With Your Reputation

An Allison ReTran® might cost a little more initially, but you can’t put a price on the time you’ve spent building up your business. We’re with you for the long term, providing a product that positions you for on-the-job success, outperforming and outlasting the competition. Don’t put your people, your vehicles or your revenue at risk to save a little up front. It’s taken a long time to build your reputation. Trust it to Allison.

Standing Behind Our Work

Every genuine Allison ReTran® comes with two years of unlimited mileage worldwide service coverage. You’re also supported by the same service network that stands behind every Allison fully automatic transmission…a service network that includes more than 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide.

We know that downtime means lost productivity and income so should you have a problem, we are nearby and committed to getting you up and running quickly. In addition, our ReTran® facility is ISO/TS16949 and ISO/14001 certified and complies with the latest TS requirements.

If your Allison fully automatic transmission is in need of repair or replacement, use our Sales + Service Locator to find an Allison Authorized ReTran® installation facility near you.

Get Back to Work Fast

Our goal is simple. Getting you back to work fast and keeping you on the job with the power and performance you expect from your Allison transmission. With a ReTran®, you get renewed power and performance at a price that makes sense. And because we built the transmission originally, you know we’re committed to getting it right every step of the way.