ABE Electric Axle Series™

Allison Transmission is introducing the new ABE Series™, a line of fully integrated electric axles designed to fit double decker, low-floor, non-low floor and articulated buses, replacing the vehicle’s traditional powertrain system.

Available in single and 2-speed options, the ABE Series™ is a bolt-in solution that features electric motors, power electronics, a multi-speed gearbox, oil cooler and pump. These innovative axles are capable of operating without restrictions at highway speeds and on all required grades, making the ABE Series electric propulsion system one of the most efficient and capable solutions for bus fleets today.

The ABE Series™ Difference

Space-Saving Design

Fully integrated system allows more room for battery packs and critical electric vehicle components

Superior performance

Provides more power and torque than other e-powertrain systems

Easy to Install

Integrates easily with existing bus chassis and systems

Proprietary cooling

Achieve higher, continuous motor power for longer durations

100% regenerative braking

Innovative system allows for maximum energy recovery

Helical wheel end

Delivers increased efficiency and quieter operations

Wider Walk Through Sizes

Ideal for a wide range of airport buses, 2-door and 3-door bus applications

Efficient Improvement

Elimination of bevel gearing, minimal meshes and forced lubrication for increased efficiency and extended range