Automatic Insights: Spring 2016

Allison proves long-term value to A&C Trucking and construction industry

ChadForThe CoverA&C Trucking Co. operates 40 trucks to haul construction materials to jobsites in and around central Indiana. In doing so, the trucks often experience severe operating conditions while carrying heavy loads. Finding a transmission that can effectively and efficiently power their trucks was top of mind for the owner of A&C Trucking.

The company turned to Allison Transmission to help fulfill its needs, and now 75 percent of the trucks in A&C Trucking’s fleet are powered by Allison fully automatic transmissions. That number continues to grow.

“Driver acceptance of the Allison Automatic has been phenomenal for us,” said Chad Carmichael, president and owner of A&C Trucking. “The drivers like them. They don’t have to shift. They don’t have to use a clutch. Drivers are more comfortable and better able to focus on what they’re doing on and off the road.”

A&C Trucking also experienced an unexpected benefit.

“One of the best surprises that we did not anticipate in reference to owning Allison Automatics was increased brake life,” said Carmichael. “Drivers can utilize their engine brakes with these transmissions. Not having to brake as often extends our brake service intervals by almost double.”

Fuel savings increase value of automatic for A&C Trucking

In addition to driver satisfaction and brake life, A&C Trucking has also seen impressive fuel savings with the addition of FuelSense®, making Allison the number one choice for durability, quality and long-term savings. Allison’s FuelSense, introduced in spring 2014, provides up to 20 percent in fuel savings depending on duty-cycle.

“Fuel economy is essential to a trucking company. You can save a tremendous amount of money by gaining a half mile per gallon,” said Carmichael. “Since implementing FuelSense in my Allison-equipped trucks, I’ve seen anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 of fuel savings per truck depending on duty-cycle compared to other trucks in the fleet.”

Efficiency and productivity on the jobsite are important for increasing the bottom line, and with the Allison transmission, A&C Trucking has found great success for its fleet.

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Allison Transmission launches Allison Advantage Calculator and redesigned mobile app

enewsletter_Mobile AppIn efforts to create useful tools to better educate customers and prospective customers, Allison released the Allison Advantage Calculator on the company’s website and a redesigned, easier-to-use mobile app.

“We developed the Allison Advantage Calculator to give fleet owners the most realistic view of their transmission investment,” said Lou Gilbert, director of North American marketing and global brand development for Allison.

Now, customers can discover the total cost of ownership and the advantages of owning an Allison fully automatic transmission compared to both a manual and automated manual transmission (AMT) with the Allison Advantage Calculator.

The new calculator allows the user to quickly calculate the financial impact of purchasing an Allison transmission and how it will ultimately affect the bottom line. To do so, the Allison Advantage Calculator takes easy-to-answer questions and turns those into money-based results based on duty-cycle. The calculator also factors in fuel consumption, maintenance costs, productivity and driver training to determine the results.

Within a few minutes, the user can make a better informed decision about which transmission makes the most sense for the business, the drivers and the bottom line over the lifetime of the vehicle and not just the initial purchase.

Experience the Allison Advantage Calculator 

Redesigned app now available for download

Also new this spring, the Allison mobile app was recently redesigned and is now available for North American users. To celebrate the release, Allison gave away one iPad mini each day during the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 29 through March 3.

“With this newest update, we’ve vastly improved the user experience,” said Lou Gilbert, director of North American marketing and global brand development for Allison. “In addition to making the app more widely available on multiple platforms, we’ve enhanced its look and feel including educational videos, customer testimonials, performance reviews and proper transmission selection.”

As a part of the new release, the redesigned app’s new features include a vocational model guide in the ‘Favorites’ section that allows specific ratings pages to be bookmarked. Also, the ‘Features’ section includes information about Allison’s patented torque converter, in addition to FuelSense® and xFE products. Contacting an Allison Authorized distributor or dealer is now easier with the ‘Sales and Service Locator’ in the ‘Contact’ section.

Download the Allison app today to see all of the new features. It is available on iOS, Windows Mobile and Android devices.

Allison is committed to providing the necessary tools to educate customers and prospective customers and this is shown with the release of both of these exciting tools.


First-time construction event held at Allison Transmission as part of The Work Truck Show® 2016

Construction EventIn its inaugural year, The Construction Event, a unique experience held in conjunction with The Work Truck Show®, was put together by Allison Transmission, NTEA and other key partners. Additional sponsors for the event included Odyne Systems, PALFINGER North America, Palfleet Truck Equipment, Roll-Rite and Truck Bodies & Equipment International.

The Construction Event began on March 2, with a reception at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 will take place in May.

On the following day, Allison hosted 30 attendees for educational sessions at its headquarters and also provided a plant tour. Afterwards, the group participated in a ride-and-driver experience at the company’s demonstration track.

“As someone new to NTEA and the show, I think it is great of Allison to collaborate with other NTEA vendors and host an event like this,” said Chuck Campbell of the American Wholesale Distributor Alliance. “It shows great commitment to their customers and to the industry.  I found the event to be fast paced, fun and very educational.  It also provided a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals.”

While The Construction Event was taking place, Allison also participated at The Work Truck Show, displaying the 2550 Highway Series™ and the 3500 Rugged Duty Series™ transmissions.

The Work Truck Show, North America’s largest work truck event, is produced annually by NTEA and was held March 1-4 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. It is the ultimate resource for industry professionals, offering many opportunities to see the latest vocational truck and equipment displays, meet with product experts as well as current and prospective suppliers and customers, network with thousands of industry peers and gain important insights into recent market and industry trends. 


Allison proves itself with continuous power and better driver experience

TRA_USA_0421 With manual and automated manual transmission (AMT) manufacturers constantly adding new features to their transmissions to make up for their lack of performance against fully automatic transmissions, understanding key differences between the different types of transmissions can be confusing. Terms like “automated” sound similar to “automatic” and new technologies, such as the Dual Clutch Technology (DCT), only add to the confusion.

However, the difference is really quite simple: Fully automatic transmissions like Allison’s contain a torque converter. Manuals and AMTs don’t.

Manuals and AMTs use a mechanical starting clutch to couple the engine to the transmission. This mechanical clutch causes power interrupts between shifts, reducing performance, productivity and driver comfort. Mechanical clutches are also prone to wear and unintentional driver abuse, leading to more maintenance and repairs. Even though AMTs replace the manual clutch pedal with electronic controls, they still have a mechanical clutch.

Allison Automatics, on the other hand, use Allison’s patented torque converter to couple the engine to the transmission. The torque converter provides continuous power between shifts, increasing performance, productivity and driver comfort and handling. The torque converter also multiplies engine torque, providing faster acceleration at vehicle launch.

An Allison Automatic’s overall increase in performance allows vehicles to get more work done. On a construction site, that means more loads carried per day. For city buses, that means transmissions that hold up to frequent starts and stops. With Class 8 tractors, it means more durability to handle heavy loads and high-mileage demands.

Allison fully automatic transmissions are also low maintenance. AMTs and manuals still utilize a mechanical clutch. This mechanical clutch will wear and eventually burn out and need traditional maintenance and replacement. Additionally, Allison Automatics are unique because the patented torque converter experiences very little wear and the transmission requires only periodic fluid and filter changes to maintain peak performance.

“Once you drive an Allison and see the difference between a fully automatic and an AMT or manual transmission, it about realizing long term value,” said Lou Gilbert, director of North American marketing and global brand development for Allison. “The Allison provides fuel efficiency, durability that equates to uptime and lower maintenance costs.”

Thanks to their simplicity to operate, Allison fully automatic transmissions will increase your pool of driver candidates – regardless of your industry. The result is less training time needed and greater driver retention. Due to Allison’s history of performance and reliability, Allison-equipped vehicles command a much higher residual value than vehicles with manuals and AMTs, as well.

With such a strong history and reputation of quality and durability, do not settle for anything less than the road-tested, continuous power delivered by an Allison fully automatic transmission.