The Savings are Automatic

Take your fuel economy to the next level with FuelSense® - the next generation in fuel-savings technology from Allison Transmission.

FuelSense is a set of unique packages of software and electronic controls for a variety of Allison fully automatic transmissions that improves fuel economy. Your fleet could realize fuel savings of up to 20% and still get the ease of operation and the dependability you expect from an Allison.

FuelSense puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to getting the most from your fuel dollars.

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Unmatched Control

At the heart of FuelSense are the smartest controls we have ever engineered. The new 5th Generation Electronic Controls are designed to improve fuel economy. Components include additional levels of acceleration management and a precision inclinometer to optimize shift scheduling. The 5th Generation Controls also maximize transmission protection with advanced diagnostic and prognostic displays that anticipate maintenance needs while maintaining peak performance.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Allison’s EcoCal works to lower engine speed. Lower shift points provide better fuel economy and maintain vehicle performance without shift cycling. Working in conjunction with EcoCal, Dynamic Shift Sensing automatically selects between the EcoCal or a higher-speed shift schedule based on the vehicle’s weight and the surface operating grade. Dynamic Shift Sensing allows for superior performance while maximizing fuel-savings.

Maximized Efficiency

An important part of FuelSense, Neutral at Stop eliminates the transmission load on the engine to reduce non-productive fuel consumption when the vehicle is stopped. Two levels are available, allowing you to customize FuelSense to your needs. The standard option allows for reduced load while stopped, with locked output to help prevent roll-back. The premium option provides full Neutral at Stop capabilities. For vehicles with a high start/stop duty cycle, the Neutral at Stop function provides the necessary technology for improvements in fuel economy.

Controlled Power

Aggressive driving can cut into fuel economy and reduce fleet efficiency. Take preventative measures against aggressive driving with Acceleration Rate Management. This feature automatically controls the engine torque. The level of control is determined by the vehicle’s weight and the grade on which it’s operating. Combined with the other features of FuelSense, Acceleration Rate Management will help maximize your fuel savings.

Allison Has You Covered

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