IVECO-AMT and Allison Transmission ensure fire security in Sochi in 2014

PSA-T and PSA Chelnok fire trucks with reverse motion and fitted with Allison fully automatic transmissions will provide fire safety in Sochi.

MOSCOW, Russia – PSA-T and PSA Chelnok two-headed fire trucks equipped with a unique reversing system have been chosen to provide fire safety in Sochi in 2014.  Both vehicles were jointly developed by IVECO-AMT and Vargashi with the support of Allison Transmission.

A Trakker 4x4 chassis fitted with an Allison 4000 Series fully automatic transmission is matched with the special fire-fighting body supplied by the Vargashi Factory to create the first double cabin fire engines designed and built in Russia.  The second cabin allows the new fire trucks to move through a tunnel without having to turn around, which has shown to be an invaluable asset in emergency rescue work. The PSA Chelnok vehicle was presented at the Integrated Safety and Security 2012 exhibition, where it was of great interest to visitors and exhibitors.

The PSA Chelnok fire engine is a rescue shuttle intended to provide first response, aid, and the gathering and evacuation of victims in emergency situations in tunnels. Thanks to its unique qualities, this vehicle has aroused a lot of interest not only from rescue services but also from Sochi construction companies, who are planning to use PSA Chelnoks in bridge construction.

The PSA-T fire trucks deliver fire-fighting, rescue equipment, and suppression tools to the scene of an incident. These vehicles can carry 4,000 liters of water and 2,500 liters of foaming agent. Ventilation equipment protects the crew of five people from harsh smoke. The PSA-T fire engine presented at the Integrated Safety and Security 2011 exhibition has already undergone testing in Sochi, where plenty of tunnels are being built as part of new road construction in the run-up to 2014.                

One of the main advantages of these new IVECO-AMT vehicles is the Allison fully automatic transmission. Thanks to the torque converter and uninterrupted full power shifts, these fire trucks provide improved manoeuvrability and faster acceleration in comparison with manual transmission equipped vehicles. This means crew, fire-fighting and rescue equipment will be delivered to the scene faster. Moreover, the Allison automatic transmission makes the driver’s job significantly easier in the very intense and stressful conditions of rescue work. The driver can concentrate solely on handling the vehicle, without having to worry about changing gears. The Allison electronic controls automatically select the ideal gear for each situation.

IVECO-AMT is now offering the Allison 4000 Series transmission installed in the PSA-T vehicle, and as an option on all ranges based on the Trakker platform – heavy duty dump trucks, tractor trucks, short log trucks, timber trucks and long timber carriers, pipe trucks, container ships, tankers for transportation of petroleum products, and fire fighting vehicles – with different wheel arrangements. Thanks to advanced electronic controls, Allison fully automatic transmissions adapt to vehicle load and terrain, always selecting the optimum shift points to ensure best utilization of fuel to deliver the required performance.

Allison Transmission is the exclusive supplier of fully-automatic transmissions for the PSA-T and PSA Chelnok fire engines.

Oct 07, 2012

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