A white European refuse vehicle picks up a gray trash bin and empties it over the top of the vehicle.


Refuse collection requires the ability to handle heavy loads and withstand heavy start-stop duty cycles, every day. You can’t afford to lose any trucks or time. Allison’s torque converter reliably and smoothly multiplies engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. By multiplying the engine power, drivers get increased performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. Whether driving up and down hills, maneuvering in narrow city streets or picking up household waste bin-by-bin, house-by-house, the proven reliability gives you increased uptime and minimized maintenance.


  • Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • Allison + Natural Gas

  • FuelSense® 2.0 + xFE

  • Extra Comfort, Easier to Drive

  • Easy Maneuverability

  • Increased Control


Power Take-Off (PTO) White navigation arrow

  • Allison’s Power Take-Off (PTO) can be driven at engine speed. Our Transmission Control Module commands how and when the PTO engages and monitors operating conditions, minimizing potential damage and hazards, making operation easier for drivers.

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  • Allison Automatics get the most out of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles equipped with natural gas engines, both compressed (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), allowing those vehicles to maximize performance with the cleaner and quieter natural gas engine. Our torque converter’s superior control at low speed and multiplication of engine torque give natural gas engines superior launch, while our electronic controls and gearbox designs allow for full-power shifting.

FuelSense® 2.0 + xFE White navigation arrow

  • Allison Transmission is proud to package xFE with our latest FuelSense® 2.0 technology including Neutral at Stop, Acceleration Rate Management and DynActive® shifting, the technology that chooses the optimal shift point, based on your vehicle, specifications and environmental parameters.
  • xFE enables early lockup to reduce and improve emissions. Gear ratios and ratio spread are optimized and will allow the vehicle to spend more time in higher ranges at lower engine speeds reducing CO2 and increasing fuel savings.

Extra Comfort, Easier to Drive White navigation arrow

  • Allison transmissions provide a more comfortable and smoother drive. This is particularly important for refuse collectors at the back of the truck who are prone to arm and spinal cord injuries from being shaken around. As the driving experience is more enjoyable and less fatiguing, it is easier to attract and retain quality drivers while driver performance improves as well.

Easy Maneuverability White navigation arrow

  • Our Continuous Power Technology™ delivers more power to the wheels than other transmission technologies. This allows for superior launch with up to a 14% higher average speed. An Allison fully automatic transmission eliminates power interrupts while a manual or AMT loses power with every shift.

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  • Allison Automatics improve driver awareness and control, from combating vehicle rollback - a major concern with manual transmissions - to providing superior vehicle control and maneuverability at low speeds thanks to the torque converter
A blue refuse truck with a rendered Allison eGen Power in the chassis.

eGen Power®

eGen Power® includes our fully electric e-Axles for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles up to 28,660 lbs. GAWR, with a multi-speed gearbox and up to 650 kW of peak power.