When you need a transmission you can rely on for transporting coal, precious metals, aggregate and other applications around the world, choose the product that won’t let you down—an Allison fully automatic. Allison transmissions are the most reliable and durable on the market, increasing uptime to give you more loads per day and peace of mind.

Power Meets Efficiency

Our 3000-9000 Series transmissions are engineered specifically for the severe duty-cycles trucks face in the mining environments you deal with every day. Rigid, wide-body and articulated dump trucks outfitted with Allison Automatics accelerate quickly and smoothly.

Increased Uptime For Your Fleet

The gravel roads, loose soil, mud and steep grades found at mining operations put enormous strain on transmissions. These conditions make transmissions more susceptible to driver abuse. An Allison Automatic has no mechanical clutch, so downtime is rarely a concern. The only preventative maintenance consists of routine oil and filter changes, which can be monitored using prognostics.

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