x200 Allison transmission

X200 Series

Allison Transmission’s X200 Series is designed for light to light-medium tracked vehicles up to 18,144 kg (40,000 lbs.) and engine ratings up to 298 kW (400 hp). The X200 Series has a cross-drive design that integrates steering and braking into one compact and rugged unit. With four forward and two reverse ranges and full-power hydrostatic steering for smooth, efficient steering and control, the X200 Series provides reliability and durability for defense applications. The X200 Series is equipped with fully-electronic controls for use with modern engines and a torque converter with an automatic lock-up clutch for smooth, efficient starts and stops.

Ratings and Specs

Allison offers several model choices, giving you ultimate control over selecting the features and power you need for your fleet. See the grid below to compare all of our transmission models and find the one that best meets your business needs.

X200 Series
List of applicable vocational applications

Need help choosing the right transmission?

We design, engineer and manufacture our transmissions specifically for a range of vocational applications. If you need help deciding which transmission will fit your vehicle, or if you have questions, click below to contact an Allison representative.

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