A hydraulic fracturing rig is shown in the foreground with mountains in the background.


For decades, Allison Transmission has designed, engineered and manufactured automatic transmissions for the energy sector. In oil and gas fields all over the world, Allison fully automatic transmissions are working to make drilling, fracturing, hoisting and pumping easier and more productive.


As rugged as the job they’re created to do, Allison Automatics are built for withstanding the harshest conditions. From our Continuous Power Technology™ to the ability to easily integrate with specialized equipment, Allison transmissions drive productivity while offering the benefit of precise operation.


An image of eight Allison Oil Field Series transmissions.
A combined image of the Allison FracTran product image and an Allison FracTran in use in a fracturing rig.


Purpose built based on the specific performance requirements of the customer, the FracTran® is an all-new Oil Field Series™ transmission, designed to meet the unique and continually evolving demands of the hydraulic fracturing industry.


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