For decades, Allison Transmission has been building fully automatic transmissions (“Allison Automatics”) for the distribution sector, and many of the most recognized fleets around the world have come to rely on us. We know the industry and understand the unique challenges it presents for businesses that rely on moving products quickly and effectively.

Thanks to the knowledge we’ve gained from listening to our closest partners – our customers – we recognize the importance of managing the cost of each and every delivery on the route. Allison Automatics are specifically designed to improve productivity while running reliably – meaning less time in the shop and more time on the road.

See how the numerous features of Allison Automatics help you get the most benefit and value from your transmission.

Employee unloading Blue Bell Ice Cream in a truck equipped with an Allison transmission.
Person operating on an Allison transmission.
Fuel pump
Freightliner truck equipped with an Allison transmission delivering beverages.

Experience the Benefits

Allison designs and builds transmissions with the goal of helping you, the customer, efficiently run your operation. We aim to push performance in ways that help you get work done smarter and more effectively.

With Allison Automatics, we offer features designed specifically to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption both on the highway and in congested urban settings.

Greater productivity

Our transmissions drive greater productivity. Allison Automatics provide smooth, seamless power to the engine due to our Continuous Power Technology ™, which results in quicker route times, more deliveries and the opportunity for increased profits.

Allison believes durability is a key factor in productivity. A vehicle sitting in the shop is costing you money – repairs are expensive and productivity is lost. That’s why Allison has worked to build some of the most reliable transmissions in the world. They’re built to last and they don’t experience the same wear and tear that manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs) experience with a starting clutch. Allison Automatics will help keep your vehicle in service and out of the shop.

Lower costs, easier maintenance

Allison makes transmission care easy and less costly. Routine oil and filter changes are the only regular maintenance required with an Allison Automatic.

With Allison Prognostics, you can take the guesswork and hassle out of scheduling routine vehicle maintenance. This Smart Control feature allows you to quickly monitor oil life, filter life and transmission health. This saves time and money while providing maximum protection for the transmission. That means less downtime, lower life cycle costs and, best of all, greater in-service time for the vehicles in your fleet. 

And if ever needed, our global network of authorized service locations will provide the Allison authorized service you expect.

With transmissions, it all comes down to overall value. When you factor in maintenance, operating costs and increased productivity, Allison Automatic-equipped vehicles have been shown to provide more benefits than a comparable, competitively-equipped vehicle. Overall, our transmissions provide a greater value across a vehicle’s life cycle.

Better fuel efficiency

With an Allison Automatic, you can achieve an optimum level of fuel economy and performance. Our transmissions offer load-based shift schedules to automatically enhance fuel savings or add more power when needed. In “economy mode,” the transmission shifts at lower engine speeds to provide fuel savings, and upshifts at higher speeds for greater acceleration when required for the vehicle load and road conditions.

Furthermore, choosing the Allison Automatic that best fits your duty cycle may allow you to downsize your engine to further reduce costs, emissions and fuel consumption. And for companies that are environmentally conscious, Allison Automatics help lower emissions and improve vehicle performance when paired with alternative fuel powered vehicles. This makes our transmissions the clear choice for your business.

Improved maneuverability

Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ allows our fully automatic transmissions to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels, letting the driver focus on handling and maneuvering the vehicle. With an Allison, there are no hesitations or jerks during gearshifts. The smooth acceleration allows the vehicle operation to be easy and stress free while keeping your load protected. The ease of operating your vehicle and the increased safety will be evident – inching will be simple, and the rollback experienced with a manual clutch will be a distant memory.

Gear selector technology

Work Smarter

Allison Automatics have both intelligence and strength. We offer a number of Smart Controls – electronic control packages that can help lower fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. Features include:
  • Adapting to conserve fuel by reducing the load on the engine when a vehicle is stopped 
  • Automatically selecting neutral when the parking brake is applied 
  • Choosing the optimum shift points based on load and terrain 
  • Limiting vehicle acceleration rate, when desired by the fleet, to control aggressive driving  

Models + Ratings

We offer several models tailored to different needs. This gives you ultimate control over features and performance. When it comes to distribution, Allison transmissions are designed for fuel efficiency, productivity, minimal operating costs and ease of operation to maximize your effectiveness.

See the grid below to compare our transmissions and find the model that best fits your company’s needs. Information and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Please check with your vehicle salesperson to ensure offerings.

Model Ratio Max Input Power - kW (HP) 1 Max Input Torque - Nm 1 Max GVW - kg  Max GCW - kg  Reference Spec Sheet
1000 Close Ratio 224 (300) 780  9000 11800 1000
2100 Close Ratio 224 (300) 780  12000 12000 2100
2500 Wide Ratio 224 (300) 780  15000 15000 2500
3000 Close Ratio 254 (340) 1261     3000
3200 Close Ratio 276 (370) 1491     3000
3500 Wide Ratio 246 (330) 1166     3500
4000 Close Ratio 421 (565) 2400     4000
4430 Wide Ratio 283 (380) 1560     4500
4440 Wide Ratio 317 (425) 1776     4500
4500 Wide Ratio 421 (565) 2237     4500

1Gross Ratings as defined by ISO1585 or SAEJ1995.

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1000 2100 2500 3000 3500  4000 4500

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Customer Profiles

We’ve told you why we think Allison Automatics are premium – now you can hear it straight from the customer.

Read this customer profile for more information on how Allison Automatics are playing key roles in the success of distribution companies everywhere. 

Monoprix delivers fresh goods to 60 stores around Paris, and as a part of its commitment to clean transport has implemented the use of Allison fully automatic transmissions in Renault and Iveco distribution trucks within Paris.
"The Allison transmission keeps the engine speed in the most efficient range of operation. This offers the potential to improve fuel economy."

Stephan Loser, Bodybuilder Liaison Manager for Iveco (Paris, France)