Allison Transmission-equipped Scania FEL refuse truck provides the answer to SUEZ

New four-axle Scania 8x4 32-ton front-end loader by HEIL FARID on display at RWM 2015

BIRMINGHAM, UK – SUEZ, a multinational resource recovery specialist, has purchased seven HEIL FARID European Company front-end loader (FEL) refuse trucks with Scania chassis because they are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions. A popular requirement of refuse fleets around the world, Allison transmissions deliver advantages in terms of operating costs, productivity, manoeuvrability and safety.

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK (known before March 2015 as SITA UK) approached six major European truck manufacturers before selecting the truck from waste and recycling vehicle manufacturer HEIL FARID, which offered the only front-loading vehicle with a fully automatic transmission – Allison Transmission’s 4500 model.

The first of these new vehicles is on display at RWM, Europe’s premier event for resource efficiency and waste management solutions at the NEC in Birmingham, Sept. 15-17. The four-axle Scania Euro 6 8x4 32-ton vehicle will be displayed on HEIL FARID’s stand (Hall 5: 5V40-X41).

Allison Transmission’s 4000 Series™ range of products are designed to make heavy-duty vehicles operate smoothly and efficiently, offering close- or wide-ratio gearing and up to seven speeds, including two overdrive ratios and a second reverse gear. The 4500 model is rated up to 2102 N•m gross input torque and 500 hp (373 kW) gross input power.

“A fully automatic front-end loader was vital for us because of the high amount of close-quarter manoeuvring our refuse trucks have to do, with lots of shunting backwards and forwards, typically making 50 to 60 trade waste collections during each 16-hour day,” said Brian Juffs, general fleet manager at SUEZ. “We weren’t confident that two-pedal automatised systems would give us the life and reliability we need. We wanted one gearbox to last the life of the vehicle without any clutch replacements.”

Another major consideration for SUEZ was a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its fleet. “With these new vehicles operating at the heavier end of our fleet profile (32 tons GVW), the Allison transmissions deliver significant benefits in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions as a result of the advanced (5th Generation) electronic control system,” said Juffs.

Allison fully automatic transmissions use a patented torque converter instead of dry clutch, meaning that the clutch repairs and replacements required by manual and automated manual transmissions are eliminated. The torque converter multiplies engine torque at launch, providing exceptional startability and improved acceleration, enabling vehicles to adopt smaller displacement engines which use less fuel. In contrast, manual and automated transmissions cannot benefit from engine torque multiplication, because torque must be controlled or limited to extend the life of the starting clutch.

Maximum efficiency between engine and transmission is also achieved because Allison’s fully automatic transmissions change gear without power interruption. The result is a smooth transfer of power to the drive wheels with each gear shift made automatically at exactly the right time, allowing the driver to precisely manage speed and to focus on manoeuvring the truck.

“Having been familiar with Allison transmissions for a number of years, in various applications within waste management, airport ground support and military fields, I was happy with Scania’s proposed solution,” said Juffs. “I am confident the transmissions will satisfy all of our operational performance requirements.”

The new Allison-equipped Scania truck with front-end loader and bustle tailgate can be found on HEIL FARID’s stand at the RWM exhibition in NEC Hall 5.

Sep 14, 2015

About Allison Transmission

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