Quality is The Best Component

Use Allison Genuine Parts™

At Allison Transmission, we have an unyielding commitment to quality reflected in every part we build. Other transmissions and parts aren't backed by this same commitment. The only way to ensure Allison quality is to buy Allison Genuine Parts™. 

Since Allison's beginning, our founder James A. Allison slated that quality is first and foremost. This tradition lives through every bolt, every gear –every part– manufactured by Allison. If it's an Allison Genuine Part, you know it's a quality component. 


The Allison Experts

Allison engineers are the experts when it comes to manufacturing quality, automatic transmission parts. From Allison’s engineering and manufacturing processes, to exclusive Allison Transmission specifications, to meticulous quality control, Allison has the expertise to create the highest quality parts for your Allison transmission. After all, who knows Allison Genuine Parts™ better than Allison Transmission?

Allison Genuine Parts™. Genuine Quality.

Allison genuine parts are engineered specifically for your Allison transmission using state-of-the-art technology unique to our company. Non-genuine manufacturers attempt to reverse-engineer Allison parts—meaning they are designed without our standards, specifications, manufacturing processes and expertise. Inferior parts can lead to downtime, unnecessary costs and premature breakdowns. And because non-genuine parts do not meet Allison standards and specifications, they can lead to installation issues and future breakdowns of associated parts. Non-genuine parts do not offer the same quality, reliability and expertise of Allison Genuine Parts™.

The Allison Genuine Parts Difference

No one makes Allison parts, like Allison. Here's how to identify Allison Genuine Parts:


  • Parts Are Built To Original Factory Specifications
  • Replacement Parts Are Identical To Original Parts
  • Can Only Be Purchased From Allison Distributors and Dealers
  • Backed by an Allison Factory Warranty
  • Supported by Allison Global Service Network
  • Allison Genuine Packaging

Don’t Take a Chance With Your Reputation

Allison Genuine Parts™ are good for business. While you may save a little by buying non-genuine parts, you may also be compromising on maintenance costs and the long life of your transmission. Don’t take a chance with your reputation with non-genuine parts, which can lead to unnecessary breakdowns and downtime. Trust in Allison Genuine Parts.

One Stop Shop

There’s only one place to go when you need Allison Genuine Parts™—an Allison Authorized Distributor and Dealer. They offer Allison Genuine Parts that are identical to the original equipment. From transmission filters, to overhaul kits, to sensors, they have what you need. More importantly, Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers are factory-trained specialists with the expertise and specialized tools needed to install Allison Genuine Parts.

Where Do I Find Allison Genuine Parts?

Any Allison authorized service facility

           Allison Authorized Distributor
           Allison Authorized Dealer
           Allison Express Lube Dealer

Click here to find an Allison authorized service facility near you.

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