Since the beginning, our founder James A. Allison stated that quality was first and foremost. We have not forgotten why people rely on Allison, and that same philosophy is reborn with our remanufactured products.


Allison ReTran®

Allison guarantees that every part and every process associated with an Allison ReTran® is 100% authentic. Only Allison ReTran remanufactured transmissions undergo our proprietary dynamometer testing to ensure they exactly meet the original factory specs. No other rebuilder has access to our Allison factory specs, processes or know-how. Every Allison ReTran is inspected for quality at each stage of the remanufacturing process, then measured against stringent wear-limit specs.

The Allison ReTran® Difference

  • 100% Exclusively Allison Genuine Parts™
  • 100% Dynamometer Tested Against Allison Original Specs
  • Inspected for Quality at Each Stage of Remanufacturing Process
  • Measured Against Stringent Allison Wear-Limit Specs
  • Thoroughly Leak Tested
  • New Genuine Allison Torque Converter on all 1000 Series™ and 2000 Series™ Transmissions

Standing Behind Our Work

Every genuine Allison ReTran® comes with two years of unlimited mileage worldwide service coverage.* Additional 2-Year Extended Transmission Coverage (ETC) is also available for purchase. You’re also supported by the same service network that stands behind every Allison fully automatic transmission…a service network that includes approximately 1,600 Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers globally.


*Allison TC10 not included.


DPIM2 ReFlex™

For more than 100 years, Allison has been leading the charge in innovative propulsion solutions through proven quality from start to finish. Allison applies this same forward-thinking commitment to every part and process associated with our Allison genuine remanufactured products, which is why we’re proud to introduce the DPIM2 ReFlex™.

The Right Solution For You – And Your Bottom Line

Through the DPIM2 ReFlex, you’ll extend the life of your Allison Electric Hybrid. You’ll also have total confidence knowing that your DPIM2 ReFlex was thoroughly tested to meet Allison’s original factory specifications. No other rebuilder has access to our Allison factory specs, processes or know-how.

How It Works

The Dual Power Inverter Module (DPIM) converts AC electricity to DC electricity and vice versa. During regenerative braking, AC electricity generated by the electric motors in the Drive Unit is converted to DC electricity and stored in the Energy Storage System (ESS). Power from the ESS is combined with engine power within the Drive Unit, a process called torque blending, to accelerate the vehicle.

Nobody Gets You Closer To Brand New, Like Allison:

  • Disassembled Part-by-Part to Clean, Qualify and Test Each Component
  • Replacement Parts are 100% Exclusively Allison Genuine Parts™
  • Inspected for Quality at Each Stage of Remanufacturing Process
  • Thoroughly Leak Tested
  • Backed by an Allison Factory Warranty
  • New Gaskets, Seals and Discharge Resistors (at a Minimum)
  • Tested to Original Factory Specifications

Allison Genuine Reman™: Ready When You Are

To learn more about our Allison Genuine Reman™ products, contact your nearest Allison Authorized Distributor Dealer by using our Sales + Service Locator.