Two fire engines are staged for a response.

Emergency Vehicle Series™

Allison Automatics are designed to perform in the toughest, most stringent environments. With Allison, you can optimize your fire truck or emergency vehicle to fit the needs of your application. The result is a precise combination of power and efficiency that helps keep our cities safe.


Typical Applications

Aerial Ladder Platform, Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicle (ARFF), Ambulance, Fire Truck Pumper (With + Without Split-Shaft PTO), Hazardous Material Vehicle, Mobile Command Center, Support Vehicle


An image of three Allison Emergency Vehicle Series transmissions.

eGen Power®

eGen Power® includes our fully electric e-Axles for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles up to 28,660 lbs. GAWR, with a multi-speed gearbox and up to 650 kW of peak power.