A white cement mixer travels up a dirt mound.

Rugged Duty Series™

There is nothing easy about the job you do, and customers always expect more. It’s good to know an Allison Automatic is ready to get you on- and off-site no matter where the road leads. When you need to finish the job, Allison helps you do it confidently.


Typical Applications

Airport Support, Baggage Transport Vehicle, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Pumper, Dump Truck, Equipment Hauler, Farm/Agriculture, Refuse Front Loader (Landfill + No Landfill), Heavy Equipment Transport (HET), Liquid Waste Hauler, Materials Hauler, Municipal Services Maintenance Vehicle, Packing Recycling Truck, Public Utility Vehicle, Rear Loader (Landfill + No Landfill), Roll On/Roll Off (Landfill + No Landfill), Sewer/Septic Vacuum (Landfill + No Landfill), Refuse Side Loader (Landfill + No Landfill), Special Snow Removal Vehicle, Transfer/Relocation Vehicle, Volumetric Mixer, Wood Chip Hauler, Wrecker, Yard Tractor/Spotter


An image of three Allison Rugged Duty Series transmissions.