Internships at Allison Transmission

Allison’s Student Program provides the opportunity for students to learn and engage in a range of experiences, including work assignments, projects, presentations, evaluation, community service, customer experiences and group activities. Students work with mentors, managers and other leaders to ensure that their experience at Allison Transmission is well rounded and challenging.

Rebecca Plant

Commercial Pricing Analyst
IUPUI, Kelley School of Business, Class of 2017

“During my internship with Allison Transmission I worked alongside the Accounting and Finance Departments which allowed me to take part in various projects. My overall internship experience with Allison was very meaningful and beneficial to my college career as I was able to gain real-world experience while going to school and it helped me gain an understanding of what I really wanted to do upon graduation.”




Isaac Mock

Associate Engineer
Purdue University, Class of 2017

"As a co-op with Allison Transmission, I had the opportunity to experience various engineering roles within the company. I learned what roles I enjoyed, what it meant to be engineer, and how all of the theory I learned in school practically applied to my future career. Now full-time with Allison, I do not feel like the new guy, but instead like someone who already has years of valuable experience."


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