Using Allison Authorized Services

Part of Allison Transmission’s commitment to quality is ensuring that our transmissions provide the best performance and have the longest life cycle. This commitment to our customers does not end with the manufacturing process – it’s seen across our Allison Authorized Service Network of nearly 1,600 locations worldwide. Wherever the road takes you, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are never far from one of our locations to obtain the products, training, service and support when you need it.

The Allison Authorized Difference

Each Allison Authorized Distributor and Dealer location encompasses all of the care that you need to keep your Allison Automatic running smoothly and for as long as possible. You can find your nearest location by using our Sales + Service Locator.

Peace of Mind Comes Only with Allison Authorized Services


More than 3,400 technicians have been trained and certified by Allison to service our products. This means on-site technicians are current and up-to-date with the necessary service techniques and knowledge of the product, allowing them to quickly diagnose and care for your transmission.


The Allison Authorized Service Network exclusively distributes only Allison Genuine Parts™, which means every replacement part is identical to the original equipment and is backed by an Allison Factory Warranty. Our network keeps Allison Genuine Parts™ in stock, so in most cases, your repair won’t have to wait while parts are ordered. If parts do need to be ordered, these locations can quickly get them straight from the factory or from other nearby Allison Authorized locations.


Each Allison Authorized location is outfitted with specialized tools and equipment which have been designed specifically for your Allison Automatic – working efficiently and effectively without damaging it during service.


Our distributors and dealers have access to the latest technical information and factory resources. You can trust that their parts and service professionals are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge when caring for your Allison transmission.


Our Allison Authorized Service Network consists of nearly 1,600 distributor and dealer locations and has a presence in over 100 countries. This means you are never far from the products, training, service and support when you need it.


Extended Transmission Coverage (ETC) provides a total coverage of 5-years or more for your Allison transmission. ETC is available for purchase through only Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers.

Equipped with Factory-Trained Technicians

Exclusively Distribute Allison Genuine Parts™

Outfitted With Specialized Tools and Equipment

Access to the Latest Technical Information

Network of Nearly 1,600 Locations

Offer Extended Transmission Coverage (ETC)

Using Unauthorized Services Can Cost You

Unauthorized dealers and rebuilders put your reputation on the line. The use of non-genuine parts and uncertified services put your people, vehicles and revenue at risk. It’s taken a long time to build your reputation. Trust it only to the Allison Authorized Service Network.


Our distributors and dealers are with you for the long term. They equip you with the products and services that position you for success – outperforming and outlasting the competition.

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Sales + Service Locator

Find your nearest Allison Authorized Distributor or Dealer by using our Sales + Service Locator.

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