Visitors and Deliveries to Allison HQ



Individuals and small groups are to enter Allison Transmission through the main lobby, Post 300. This entrance is located at West 10th Street and Allison Way (directions below).



  • I-465: 10th Street Exit East , At 7th Traffic Light turn right onto One Allison Way

  • I-70: Holt Rd. Exit North, At 6th Traffic Light turn left onto 10th Street, At 2nd Traffic Light turn left onto One Allison Way.

  • Downtown Indianapolis: 10th Street West, 4.7 miles, At One Allison Way turn left.

  • Longitude and Latitude: 39°46'48.1"N 86°14'13.0"

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All deliveries to Allison Transmission are to enter through one of three locations. Do not use the main entrance at W. 10th St. and Allison Way or any other entries into the Allison Transmission campus.


POST 310: (Main Street & W. 10th Street): 4900 W. 10th St.
At Post 310 (aka Gate 310) you can access Central Shipping dock 30, dock 32 and dock 34.

Google Maps Link - Post 310

POST 309: 4893 W. Cossell Rd.
At post 309 you can access dock 35.

Google Map Link - Post 309

POST 305: 4338 W. Cossell Rd.
At post 305 you can access Plant 3 dock 31-North, dock 31-South, dock 33, dock 36,and dock 37. Plant 12/14/15 dock 12, dock 14, dock 50, dock 121, dock 122 and dock 123.

Google Map Link - Post 305