Today’s forces face a variety of missions in addition to traditional armed conflict. Troops are keeping the peace and innocents out of harm’s way. No matter the goal, you need a partner who is dedicated to creating innovative propulsion solutions that put reliable performance in the hands of those who need it most

Mission-Ready Propulsion Solutions for Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles

Whatever your vehicle–light, medium or heavy, tracked or wheeled–we have the perfect fit. Allison delivers solutions that stand up to the severe duty-cycles associated with everything from disaster relief to military action. For more than 100 years, we’ve made sure our partners worldwide are always ready. Today, a unique spirit of collaboration helps us quickly take ideas from concept to the field.

Wheeled Applications

The field is changing. Yesterday’s ideas and technologies don’t always meet the needs of today’s forces. In a world of uncertainty, you can count on Allison Transmission to make sure you and your team are prepared. We work with you to put reliable power in your crews’ hands, and we’re developing new ways to keep your troops on the move and your forces supplied with the power they need…no matter where the mission leads. Learn more. >>

Tracked Applications

Today’s tracked vehicles must be as ready to react as their highly trained crews. Whether your objective is keeping the peace, providing humanitarian aid or advancing the front lines, Allison will provide adaptive and innovative propulsion solutions with superior performance and exceptional reliability. Learn more. >>

TIG Series

Our 3TIG and 4TIG products are taking On-Board Vehicle Power to the next level. These complete propulsion systems deliver the continuous electricity you need to improve field logistics, stay out of harm’s way and keep your equipment running. A high-powered, permanent generator provides unmatched portable power in the field, meaning less reliance on towed gensets. Learn more. >>

Models + Ratings

To meet the needs of our military customers, we offer a full line of transmission models with optional features to suit your specific military vehicle needs. These transmissions are designed specifically for durability, tough terrain and superior safety, no matter the mission.

If you’re interested in configuring one of our transmissions, click here to contact us. We’re happy to discuss our current models to determine which transmission will best suit your needs. Information and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Please check with your vehicle salesperson to ensure offerings.

Allison Defense History

Allison Transmission is proud of its long heritage in support of the military. That legacy began with James Allison manufacturing aircraft engines in the early days of our company and continues today with our transmission products for military wheeled and tracked vehicles. Learn more. >>

Defense Applications

Explore this section to learn more about Allison’s commitment to the military and our lines of transmissions that fit your specific military vehicle needs.


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