eGen Force™

Allison continues to innovate, building on over 65 years of experience in military ground vehicles. As the necessity to balance efficiency, performance and reliability increases, Allison is proud to introduce the eGen Force™ propulsion system.


eGen Force is the newest product in Allison’s extensive armored vehicle portfolio, meeting requirements across a wide spectrum of applications including the Infantry Fighting Vehicle and future Main Battle Tank markets.

Engineered to deliver optimal performance with added capabilities including drive-by-wire, on-board vehicle power and silent mobility by utilizing an optional electric motor for boost and supplemental propulsion. eGen Force more than meets the grade by offering a powerful but lightweight solution while still living up to the same quality and reliability expected from an Allison.



  • Enhanced Performance

  • Reduced Operating + Support Costs

  • Advanced Capabilities


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  • Optimal acceleration using torque fill and boost capability
  • Silent mobility through low speed electric only propulsion
  • Improved maneuverability due to superior gradeability and startability
  • Precision mission execution via optimum braking and steering

Reduced Operating + Support Costs White navigation arrow

  • Improved fuel economy and vehicle range through hybrid architecture
  • Enables electrification of high power onboard systems
  • Increased uptime via unmatched reliability and exceptional driveline protection
  • Extended silent watch and micro-grid support capability

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  • Designed from the ground up around hybrid electrification
  • Optimal balance between fuel and battery efficiency
  • Allows exportable power provisions and drive by wire capability
  • Enables reliable and efficient silent mobility

Team Lynx

Allison Transmission is proud to announce a strategic partnership with American Rheinmetall Vehicles (ARV) to provide the eGen Force™ for the Lynx vehicle that is in competition to be selected for the U.S. Army’s XM30 Combat Vehicle program (formerly OMFV).


The XM30 Combat Vehicle program is the priority ground modernization program for the U.S. Army that will replace nearly 3,000 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The program begins with digital design phases that continue through early 2023, followed by development of prototype vehicles in 2024, and government testing beginning in early 2026.


Allison Transmission joins American Rheinmetall Vehicles’ Team Lynx, which includes Textron Systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologies and Anduril Technologies.


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