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Allison Transmission is committed to service excellence through its growing Allison Authorized Service Network of more than 1,600 locations worldwide. Our distributors are dedicated to providing the resources needed to help their dealers grow their businesses and better serve their customers. Take it from the dealers below who shared their experience since becoming Allison Authorized:

"We were excited to become an Allison dealer and add our fourth Northern California location, not just because of the existing Allison equipped vehicles in our area but because we know the future potential for Allison business is significant. As fleets struggle to find and retain drivers, purchasing trucks with Allison drivetrain is the right choice to attract operators for our loyal customers’ fleets. Coast Counties appreciates that Allison and Pacific Power Group understand our market and the importance of our success – providing expert support through the onboarding process."

“Since 1985, I’ve been working on Allison transmissions, and in 2014, I opened my own dealership. Working on Allison transmissions due to their high quality is nice but working WITH the Allison organization is what makes an Allison partnership valuable. The success of a company is proportional to the effort put in but being an Allison partner provides a solid foundation for success. For nearly four decades, Allison has been running through my veins. My colleagues would agree that it has become more than just a job but a passion. It’s a combination of things that make Allison, Allison.”

“Allison’s partnership with Hayang Automotive has allowed us to not only gain customers in commercial, military and transit fleets but also has allowed us to expand national customers in the Mobile Crane segment within the county. We would like to express our appreciation to Allison Transmission Korea and our distributor, ASK Co., Ltd., for their passionate support in our development as our business has experienced continuous growth with our customers. We are glad to be a member of the Allison Korea family.”

"Since becoming an Allison Authorized Dealer, many doors have opened for us, especially our refuse business. We knew the financial side would come naturally because of the level of effort that we put in along with the support that our distributor offered during the entire process. We’re exceptionally proud to be an Allison dealer."

"As Bilmak Automotive, we gained customers in military and commercial, energy and port business after becoming an Allison dealer. We would like to express our gratitude to Drive Line Systems Turkey and Allison after-sales for their support in the development and improvement stages of our customer portfolio in its operations. We are happy to be a part of the ALLISON family."

Coast Counties Truck & Equipment

De Winter Beyers B.V.B.A.

Hayang Automotive Co., Ltd.

North Tech Equipment Repair

Bilmak Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti

The Authorized Advantage

A partnership with your local Allison Authorized Distributor and Allison means you will have a team continually investing in your success. You will gain access to a range of resources and support to better serve your customers:

  • Allison Authorized Gear and Sales Literature Kits
  • Ability to Perform Warranty Repairs
  • Access to Allison HUB™
  • Advanced Product Knowledge
  • Allison Incentive Programs
  • Attract High-Value Vocational Fleets
  • Calibration and Technical Support
  • Dedicated Dealer Development Support
  • Increased Parts + Labor Revenue
  • Sales + Service Locator Presence

Maintenance Dealer Service Capabilities

As a maintenance dealer, your service capabilities will include:


To become an Allison Authorized Dealer, your location must:

  • Enroll at least two trained technicians in Allison Instructor Led Training (ILT) at your local Allison Authorized Distributor
  • Have all essential tools and software such as Allison DOC®, a transmission turn stand and other essential tools and equipment
  • Obtain Allison Authorized signage to be displayed at your place of business
  • Order the recommended initial parts stocking from your Allison Authorized Distributor

Your Success Is Our Success

A strong partnership is not only important to Allison but also to each of our distributors. Allison has been partnering with distributors across the globe for more than 70 years. Our distributors’ first and foremost priority is providing their dealers the needed tools for success. Just like you, their passion is Allison. When you become a dealer, you’re not just joining the Allison Authorized Service Network but a support team dedicated to your success. Learn more below about your local distributor's commitment from a few of our Dealer Development Managers:

"Our dealers are our first priority. Since 1970, the entire Clarke organization has been the critical daily contact for our dealers. From promoting new and used truck sales, service and parts support to ongoing product training, we make available a variety of resources to support our dealers and mutual customers. It’s always a team effort with our dealers and Allison. We’re committed to each of our partnerships by upholding the integrity of our business and the Allison Promise."

"Our dealer’s success is our success. For more than 50 years, our goal has been to grow our businesses together through the support of Allison’s products. A strong business partnership is what's most important to us. When we first meet a potential dealer, we want to know why they want to join the network, understand their target market and their business plan. We need to make sure it's the best decision for all parties. It’s a strategic process because we want our dealers to have the capabilities to be successful."

Clarke Power Services

Pacific Power Group

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