6th Gen Controls

As propulsion needs evolve, Allison is working hard to meet and exceed the expectations of fleet owners and operators. Fuel economy and alternative fuels, electrification, connectivity, autonomous vehicles and more are all market trends that are optimized by our innovative new 6th Gen Controls System.


Allison’s 6th Gen Controls platform includes a wide variety of advancements, including enhanced technology, cybersecurity and functional safety, putting your fleet and drivers at an advantage over the competition.


Upgraded hardware, 10mm longer, same mounting and connector, software and calibrations that provide new features and improvements to a variety of functions and more.


Push-button includes upgraded hardware, cyber-secure connection to the TCM and more, all with the same fit, connector and interface.


Same fit and location in transmission, new connector, updated technology including expanded reading range, direction detection and more.

The 6th Gen Difference

Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Shift Selector

Output Speed Sensor