Allison Transmission to equip new Scania Power Pack for oil and gas industry in South America

Fully automatic 4700 Oil Field Series™ is part of turnkey solution to quickly replace powertrain equipment to minimize downtime

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Scania Argentina has chosen the fully automatic Allison 4700 OFS (Oil Field Series) transmission for its new Power Pack for the energy market in South America.

“We are convinced that the relationship between Scania and Allison Transmission will continue to position both brands as industry leaders for power applications,” said Guillermo Hughes, engineering manager for Scania Argentina.

The Scania Power Pack is a reliable power source designed for easy installation and maintenance. The turnkey solution features a Scania 350 to 600 hp engine, the Allison 4700 OFS transmission, radiator, filters, muffler, dashboard and shift selector – all pre-assembled in the same frame and ready to operate. Furthermore, the Power Pack has been designed and tested to succeed in the toughest operating conditions.

Similarly, Allison transmissions deliver unrivaled reliability and durability. With their full-power shifts, Allison Automatics deliver continuous horsepower and torque where it’s needed. Thanks to Allison’s latest electronic controls, these transmissions work more precisely and more efficiently, reducing unnecessary shifts, thereby reducing stress and wear.  As a result, customers experience reduced downtime and get more work done.

“With more than 60 years of experience, Allison transmissions have become a benchmark of excellence in the demanding oil industry and are known for their durability in extreme environments,” said Adrián Di Nunzio, manager of off-highway products in South America for Allison Transmission.

The Power Pack is designed as a solution for hundreds of energy equipment sets that have now been in operation for more than 25 years. With a comprehensive solution now available, upgrading becomes much faster, creating an answer for quick replacement of the powertrain on equipment to minimize downtime.

Nov 02, 2016

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