Allison Transmission Provides Inspection Service to Busan Bus Fleets

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan 22, 2020 – As part of the company’s inspection service initiative, Allison Transmission technicians provided pre-inspection services to bus fleets in Busan. Allison Transmission has planned the pre-inspection service to introduce the strength of the fully automatic transmission to bus companies in the Busan area and to strengthen brand royalties for existing customers. Allison Transmission will expand its inspection service to trucks and refuse trucks afterward, and conduct it nationwide. 

The team visited major bus companies Samjin Passenger Corporation, Ilkwang Transportation Limited and Seil Transportation Co., Ltd. and inspected Allison’s fully automatic transmissions, as well as the oil, filters and other components at no charge.

“Our entire fleet of 26 low-floor buses have Allison fully automatic transmissions,” said Yeong-cheol Song, Manager in Maintenance at Samjin. “Allison products rarely break down and require less maintenance. We are extremely satisfied.”

Samjin experienced Allison Automatics for the first time in 2010, when the company introduced 12 low-floor buses. Drivers praised the buses with fully automatic transmissions for their convenience and safety. This drove the company to choose Allison fully automatic transmissions when it added 14 more low-floor buses to its fleet in 2015. 

“Since 2010, Allison Transmission has sent technicians to replace components, repair broken parts and provide training on how to maintain fully automatic transmissions,” said Song. “We are thankful for the services. We expect the bus industry will eventually entirely opt for fully automatic transmissions, so we want to broaden and cement our cooperative relationship with Allison Transmission.”

“City buses in Busan have to stop and start repeatedly,” said Hyeon-gon Cho, Assistant Manager in Maintenance at Samjin. “It is very convenient to drive a bus with a fully automatic transmission because there is no need to handle the clutch or gears. The driver only needs to focus on the traffic and passengers, reducing the accident risk to nearly zero. The labor union also says an emphatic ‘yes’ to fully automatic transmissions.” 

“I have never heard drivers complain that buses with Allison fully automatic transmissions are less powerful than buses with manual transmissions,” said Cho. “The drivers are happy and the maintenance costs are lower. I believe that more and more buses will run on fully automatic transmissions in the future.”

Jan 22, 2020


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