Allison Transmission introduces its newest product line at Busworld

Istanbul, TURKEY, March, 2020 - Allison Transmission displayed its wide range of fully automatic transmissions and propulsion systems at Busworld. Introducing a diverse product range from electric hybrid systems to new e-axle products and a 9-speed transmission, Allison also presented the T2100 xFETM and 3270 xFETM fully automatic transmissions at the fair.

“Allison has a history of over 100 years. One of the many important milestones in its past is the introduction of H 40/50 EPTM electric hybrid products to the bus market in 2003,” said Atak Talas, Allison Transmission Regional Director for the Middle East and Turkey. “Allison has 17 years of experience in the electric bus market. In fact, Allison was the first to offer this electric hybrid technology in bus applications in the commercial vehicle market. We are carrying our experience and technical knowledge to the future.”

Since 2003, Allison has delivered nearly 9,000 hybrid drive systems for transit buses, which have operated in hundreds of cities worldwide. Allison is exploring the potential expansion of its electrification portfolio with the H 40/50 with Flex EV, an electric hybrid system with a purely electric range of up to 16 kilometers. Ideal for transit bus, coach and public transport applications, the system features zero-emissions capability with the engine off, including on approaching, during, and leaving passenger stops for a quieter and healthier environment.

“Our Flex EV product concept is a very suitable solution for zero-emission zones, which started especially in Europe and have been introduced in some of the big city centers,” said Talas. “With this product, the vehicle can operate only on electricity in zero-emission zones without requiring additional charging and recharges itself in hybrid mode when it leaves this zone.”

With the recent acquisition of AxleTech’s electric vehicle systems (EVS) division, including its integrated electrified axle solutions, and Vantage Power, a UK-based pioneer in electrification, battery systems and vehicle telematics, Allison Transmission has expanded its existing capabilities to advance its electrification options for commercial vehicles.  

Multiple electrical solutions are currently being tested and developed within Allison. “We continue to work on high-speed and centrally located EV propulsion systems, electric hybrid drive systems with extended range, integrated e-axles, systems, transmission integrated generators and power distribution for electrification of accessories,” said Talas.

Allison's new product for high-floor buses and trucks: AXE

A fully integrated electric powertrain system designed to fit inside a standard frame along the axles of commercial trucks, the AXE Electric Axle Series™ features integrated electric motors, a 2-speed transmission, oil cooler and pump. The offering also includes power electronics for a complete powertrain solution. Having a 2-speed transmission increases system efficiency and reduces battery pack size, providing more usable space.

“Our AXE axle provides the wheels with a torque of 40.000 Nm, continuous power of 400KW and a peak output power of 550 KW,” said Talas. “It is a fully integrated system with cooling and transmission. Thanks to its regenerative braking, it can handle 100 percent torque while braking. The complete integration of the AXE Series delivers increased efficiency and best-in-class continuous power through superior internal cooling.”

Alison 9-speed transmission with industry-leading first gear - final gear ratio coverage

In addition to the electrification area, Allison plans to offer new solutions for today's internal combustion drive systems. The new Allison 9-speed transmission provides significant fuel savings as the highly efficient gear train allows the torque converter to lock up early in first gear. Recognizing the need for OEMs and fleets alike to meet increasingly stringent emission standards, the 9-speed transmission will come standard with Allison’s FuelSense® 2.0 software, and it will be available with an integral engine stop-start system that provides immediate transmission engagement and vehicle hold while the engine is restarted.

The Allison 9-speed transmission leverages the proven durability of the Allison 2000 Series™ 6-speed fully automatic commercial transmissions. This transmission has many common features with the Allison 2000 Series, such as PTO position, torque converter body and cooling ports. Thus, it is easy to transition from the previous 6-speed model by offering easy integration to vehicles launched with the 1000-2000 Series. By leveraging these shared components with the proven 6-speed model, OEMs and fleets can be confident that the 9-speed transmission will offer the proven and unrivaled combination of quality, reliability, and durability that Allison is known for.

“It aims to take Allison's existing unrivaled performance in 7 and 8-meter buses to the next level with the 9-speed technology and further accelerate the automation trend in emerging markets with improved efficiency, higher fuel economy and ease of use,” said Talas. In fact, the 9-speed transmission will simultaneously improve performance and fuel economy. “One of the biggest problems in the emerging markets such as Turkey is the lack of trained and experienced drivers.

“Also, Allison technology reduces the level of stress on the driver. Based on our experience in this field for many years, we can easily say that a happy bus driver means happy passengers. The Allison 9-speed transmission will take it a step further by helping OEMs and end-users meet greenhouse regulation requirements with significant fuel economy and enhanced start performance with improved gear ratios.” 

Mar 20, 2020


Allison Transmission (NYSE: ALSN) is a leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle propulsion solutions for commercial and defense vehicles, the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, and a leader in electrified propulsion systems that Improve the Way the World Works. Allison products are used in a wide variety of applications, including on-highway trucks (distribution, refuse, construction, fire and emergency), buses (school, transit and coach), motorhomes, off-highway vehicles and equipment (energy, mining and construction applications) and defense vehicles (tactical wheeled and tracked). Founded in 1915, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. With a presence in more than 150 countries, Allison has regional headquarters in the Netherlands, China and Brazil, manufacturing facilities in the USA, Hungary and India, as well as global engineering resources, including electrification engineering centers in Indianapolis, Indiana, Auburn Hills, Michigan and London in the United Kingdom. Allison also has more than 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. For more information, visit