New KamAZ Haul Truck Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmission

 The new KamAZ-65805 haul truck, developed by the KamAZ Science and Technology Сenter, comes with the Allison 4700 fully automatic transmission. 

MOSCOW, January 2020 – The new KamAZ-65805 Atlant haul truck equipped with the Allison 4700, is intended to transport rock and ore material in medium and small quarries. Developed by the KamAZ Science and Technology Center, it fully embodies the concept of an efficient, economical and comfortable haul truck designed with a capability for conversion into an autonomous vehicle. 

The KamAZ-65805 is the first representative of the new KamAZ-Atlant haul truck lineup. With a host of state-of-the-art technology options, including the Allison 4700 fully automatic transmission with a hydraulic retarder and progressive steering, the new truck offers increased maneuverability, off-highway capability and safety—which is critical for the mining segment. 

The truck offerings will include vehicles with a load capacity of 45 to 70 tons and 8x4 or 10x6 wheel arrangement. The vehicle designers believe that the use of an automatic transmission in haul trucks of this load capacity class is the optimal solution to significantly improve vehicle performance. 

The KamAZ-65805 Atlant is equipped with a new 500 hp 12-liter inline KamAZ 910 diesel engine coupled with an Allison 4700 automatic transmission with an integrated hydraulic retarder for greater brake system service life. Effective truck deceleration without overloading the brake system and automatic transmission advantages, such as virtually no rollback when driving uphill, combine to make operations in quarries and mountainous areas much safer. 

“We design new haul trucks with the market needs in mind by thoroughly studying the requirements of end users for this vehicle class,” said Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Designer of Innovative Vehicles at the KamAZ Science and Technology Center. “As one of the key vehicle components, the transmission is subject to increased requirements in terms of reliability, durability and manufacturability. These were the major factors for selecting a transmission for the new KamAZ Atlant. We opted for Allison Transmission.” 

An additional benefit of Allison Automatics is the patented Continuous Power Technology™. It provides more efficient power transfer to the wheels and improved maneuverability, which in turn, reduces trip time and increases the truck’s efficiency and profitability. At the customer’s request, the Allison 4700 transmission can be fitted with a Power Take-Off (PTO) mechanism to power various equipment. Moreover, the automatic transmission will enable the owner to implement the self-driving vehicle concept quickly and efficiently in the future. 

The new KamAZ-65805 haul truck has a 10x6 wheel arrangement with three rear-driving axles. The two front axles and the last rear axle are steerable. This solution, along with the use of the Allison Automatics, makes the vehicle’s maneuverability and off-highway capability on par with 8x4 trucks. 

The typical quarry vehicle scenario involves frequent shuttle trips over short and medium distances with a stop in the quarry. This manner of operation causes heavy loading on both the engine and all transmission components. Designed to ensure optimal engine operation, the Allison fully automatic transmission will increase engine life and thus the profitability of the haul truck. In addition, the automatic transmission allows the driver to fully focus on driving without being distracted by shifting into the right gear. 

The new Atlant is a further example of successful cooperation between Allison Transmission and KamAZ. KamAZ presented two new vehicles equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions at COMTRANS-2019 last year. These were the NefAZ-4299-30-52 semi-low-floor passenger bus and the KamAZ-Arktika all-terrain vehicle. 

Allison Transmission provides KamAZ fleet operators with an opportunity to analyze and compare the performance of vehicles with and without an Allison automatic transmission. To this end, a fleet vehicle has its regular transmission replaced with an Allison. Vehicle operational data is then collected and thoroughly analyzed. Based on the data obtained, the operator can comprehensively assess the efficiency of the vehicle with an Allison transmission. 

As part of this program, Allison fully automatic transmissions were installed on the NefAZ-5299-30-32 bus operated by a public transport company in Kazan, and the KamAZ-6520 with a deicing sprayer from Mercator Holding, the leader of the Russian road and municipal vehicle market. 

Feb 04, 2021


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