43,000 working hours without a problem?
That’s what we do.


When Downtime Wasn’t an Option, Allison Transmission Was up to the Job.


India mine owner Sarda Mines Private Limited requires heavy-duty fleets for the excavation and transportation of iron ore raw material to unearth the minerals that contribute to the nation’s growth. Downtime is not acceptable, no matter the conditions. For the mining of the 2,600 acres of the Thakurani Icon Ore Mines Block-B in Soyabali of Barbil, Tehsil in Odisha, India, Sarda Mines used local equipment dealer Voltas to spec Terex vehicles equipped with Allison 8000 Series™ transmissions.


To accommodate the required demand, seven Terex 100-ton dump trucks were contracted under a seven-year MARC agreement (Maintenance And Repair Contract). During the MARC period, it was Voltas’s responsibility to carry out all the maintenance and repair needs of the vehicles, each of which had to be fully operational for 500 hours per month, or 16–17 hours a day, with complete availability, utilization and productivity. The only planned downtime was for fuelling shift changes and daily maintenance checks.


The Allison 8000 Series transmission delivered.


No issues were reported during the seven years—or 43,000 hours—of operation. Allison’s customer was and is fully satisfied with the performance of their transmissions. In fact, Voltas extended the MARC contract for another seven years, through 2021, for all seven Terex dump trucks.


Just another example of Allison Improving the Way the World Works.